A Quick Update!

Hello readers!
A quick update and apology for no blog post this weekend. I’m currently right in the middle of trying to get my incredibly confusing new site set up and running so that’s taking up a fair amount of time!
Add on top of that the fact my weekend seemed to disappear before it started (check out the diary for more info on my very dull weekend) means I’m behind on LOADS of things, including all my sketches! Argh!

I’m going to try and get a proper “WoW” post up later on today.

Until then,
Thanks for being patient


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New Domain Name!

Today I bought the domain name http://www.view-through-branches.com.
I am waiting for my account set-up/control panel information to come through then I can start tp move across my stuff and set up the new template.
I’m really excited and looking forward to getting rolling!


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Fab Website Of The Day:

has got to be Dressed to Cuddle.

I found this launched on Blog Azeroth and so far pretty much every post has had me sniggering at my desk. Luckily work already think I’m mad.

In particular, his post about screwing around with people thta beg for gold made me actually laugh-out-loud, and his just blatant ridicule of idiots is good for a laugh.

Also written a brilliant post on getting his violet drake. Gratz for that one 😉

Check him out.


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Loremaster: Some Tips and Tricks

Last weekend, after what has been my most concerted effort on ANYTHING to date, I finished Loremaster on Elsen, my main.

I am currently equipping the frankly ugly tabard as proof of my achievements as I like the “of the Nightfall” title too much to let it drop right now.

So. If you take a look at my personal blog (linked to your right), you can actually track where I started with most of Northrend complete but other than that nothing actually “started”.

My original plan (pre-release of Cataclysm information) was to work backwards -> Northrend -> Outland -> Eastern Kingdoms -> Kalimdor.

However with the release of Catclysm and me being unsure exactly how long the whole thing would take me I decided to finish off Northrend and then head back to the old world and finish that off, before hitting Outland.

The Northrend achievements were easy. There were almost no “drop item” quests that needed hunting for, and the quest lines led smoothy from one part of a zone to another making completing the areas easily.

A couple of main points for Northrend:

  • In Icecrown, don’t jump about from place to place. Although some of it may feel tedious try and do the region in as few a blocks as possible. The quests and phasing are all very linear if done as constant follow ups, but leaving the zone and coming back can make things more confusing for you.
  • The daily quests in Grizzly Hills don’t count towards your total, although they do count towards their own separate achievement, and don’t take long to do anyway. Stick them in for a few extra gold.
  • Both “starting areas” are very easy to complete and allow you to unlock the Kal’uak bases, should you want to grind your reputation with them too.

Northrend is by far the easiest area to do, so depending if you want the easy stuff out of the way first or left til last should result in you choosing your route.


  • Hellfire has a couple of nasty “item drop” quests. Try and grind this area out first if you possibly can.
  • If you are healer mainspec, Blade’s Edge may cause some difficulty. I have a (weak) balance dual spec and needed help with 3 of the group quests in the area – the one’s where you kill Gruul’s sons. Other people have easily soloed them I know, but as someone with a poor grasp of DPS I couldn’t quite manage them. All the other group quests were, however, relatively simple to manage. This area also includes some of the Ogri’la starter quests. Although some of these turn into dailies, most of their opening quests do count towards the achievements. There are a fair few item starter quests here, but the items dropped quickly for me.
  • Nagrand was a difficult one. I believe there is an escort quest that starts off a chain, I am not sure if I completed that one. I would recommend if you’re having difficulty to go to Shadowmoon Valley and have a bash there – some quests lead back to Altruis in Nagrand, which gave me enough to knock me over into 75/75.
  • Shadowmoon Valley is great for both your Aldor/Scryer rep. Again there were a couple of group quests I couldn’t manage by myself but that are good to do – one is the chain that results in you getting your tabard of the illidari, and the other is the end of an actually quite moving quest chain about an orc and his three sons. No spoilers or anything. As a whole, however, I did have to scrape around a bit to find the last few quests, one of which included an item drop i otherwise would not have known about as it drops off one of the mobs in a zone you don’t really bother with (it’s this one here).
  • Netherstorm is a large, pretty spread out zone so it does take careful combing to get all the quests, but your scryer/aldor base will give you lots and lots to be going on with, and the group quests here are all easily soloable.

Kalimdor: Strangely I actually found Kalimdor easier than EK.

  • Desolace. A horrible zone and the quests are ridiculously spread out, but almost ALL the quests for Maraudon count, so make sure you pick them all up so you only have to go in once. The centaur quests count as well, but don’t worry about regrinding and changing faction of centaur, I didn’t have to. The goblin escort quests are good for a couple of quests.
  • Feralas – horrible zone. But go to Feathermoon Stronghold as there are SHED loads of quests there you may have missed off while levelling because they are quite hard or lengthy. The sprite darter quest line nets you a few quests towards the total AND the pet. And at no point did I have to go into Dire Maul, so it can probably be avoided.
  • Silithus is also horrendously dull but FULL of quests so definitely go there and do the grindy grindy quests that involve collecting 18 thousand bits of cultist clothing for ever increasing rewards – they all count towards the total!
  • Azshara does have a small base for quests and unfortunately they do all need doing. Just be careful where you launch yourself off the mountainous bit as getting back up there is really hard. Also, there’s a goblin on a hill in the northern section who gives a few quests.
  • The other regions of Kalimdor are easier and nicer to navigate once you do have a fast mount (I’m presuming you’re doing this at 80).
  • Other dungeons I had to go into for quests included Zul’Farrak and a few quests in Tanaris linked me on to Sunken Temple, which is a horrendous place.
  • The Barrens does actually have a fair few quests for alliance mainly through Wailing Caverns and Razorfen and the stuff that drops there is actually good for if you need to level up someone with a crafting profession, everything drops cloth and there’s loads of skinable animals. As a side note, horde mailboxes don’t work for alliance characters. And even if you can kill all the guards in the crossroads to find out, don’t think two level 80 hordes won’t turn up and pwn your big fat nelf ass. They did mine.

Eastern Kingdoms: You wouldn’t think this would be harder than Kalimdor, but it was.

  • Get ready to hate lava. I alreadu hated it, but now even more so. Burning Steppes, Searing Gorge and the Badlands. Utterly miserable places and the quests are all very, very spread out. All three zones do net you a fair few towards the total though, more than you’d expect.
  • You will have to go into BRD. A few times, probably, depending on how many you want to. I went in I think…twice, once with the pet quests and once with another set. I didn’t need to go in again after that but it may depend on which other zones you like and dislike.
  • You wouldn’t expect it but Swamp of Sorrows actually has a LOT of quests for the alliance, more than you’d think. The Fallen Hero of the Horde is a massive questline, but there’s a stranded man with a barrow in the southern area, and also a camp of nice-broken type chaps up in the north.
  • Blasted Lands – the blood elf guys who give collect-a-snout quests – these are incredibly tedious. Only do them if you absolutely have to. You can pick up other quests, lots from Nethergarde and quite a long chain which involves lots of demon killing.
  • I went in to Scholo and Strat a LOT. I hated it but it needed doing, you have to go in multiple times for some of the quests.
  • Run stockades a few times for all the different quests you get there, and deadmines. They take a matter of minutes to chain pull your way through and have loads of quests – the quests come from all different places as well so try and have a look to pick up everything you need which will save you going multiple times.
  • Uldaman – the quests that involve going INSIDE the portal and instance don’t count, but there are a few that involve going just into the mine area beforehand that do count. They are a pain, but do them.
  • The zones here are easier to complete, such as Wetlands and Loch modan, with only a ltitle bit of travel. The cities contain TONS of quests, so try and pick everything you see up if you possibly can do!

General tips:

  • Make use of your low-level quest tracker. Remember it resets everytime you log off, so always turn it on. Even when you’re on a gryphon, keep it on and don’t tab out – you might fly over an exclamation mark you can then walk back to.
  • Use WoWhead a lot – before you start a zone look it up on wowhead and turn on “see questgivers” and then your appropriate faction. This is really helpful especially for zones where the gives are spread out, like the Badlands and Burning Steppes.
  • Use a questing add-on – questhelper is great throughout. If you didn’t touch a zone while levelling, and you know you didn’t, an add-on like everyquest teamed with lightheaded can really help because it will list every quest in that zone and then change their colour as you complete them.
  • If you’re struggling, on the wowhead screen look under the “item starter” quests, see if there are any isolated drops from mobs that start a chain – letters/maps/plans are common ones.
  • Its a myth that dungeon quests don’t count. They almost all do, so even if it seems tedious, do it. It’ll save you time doing it now rather than getting 5 quests from completion and having to go back and do Maraudon all over again.
  • Check wowhead to see if a quest counts – the comments are really helpful on there and do rate them up or add your own if needs be.
  • I know it sounds silly, but keep the achievements tracked. They are massive motivators, to be able to see the little green bar going up and up as you get further and further on.

I hope people find this quick page helpful.
I felt a massive sense of satisfaction when I’d completed the final achievement, but whatever you do don’t do what I did and do it at 1am. This sort of thing needs lots of people online in your guild to get the adequate number of congratulations!

If anybody wants anymore “help” that I can give, please leave a comment and I’ll try and assist!

Signing off,

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Little K.T. vs Mr. Bigglesworth

This came from The Stoppable Force.

I can’t think of anything quite so awesome and quite so utterly evil at the same time.

Longer post inc. later on today!

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How To: The Kal’uak

This is my second intensive reputation guide – the place to come to find out EXACTLY what you need to do to get to exalted – and by exalted I mean 999/1000, with the Kal’uak tribe.

A walrus type people who have two very important reputation rewards.
One is the Nurtured Penguin Egg which turns into the penguin, “Pengu”, a vanity pet. The second is the Mastercraft Kal’uak Fishing Pole which gives a lovely +30 to your fishing, and also looks awesome.

There are just over 50 quests that give Kal’uak rep.
There is one quest hub in Borean Tundra (located in the South West, near Valiance Keep), one in Dragonblight, also on the South coast, and one in Howling Fjord, located on the Western coast.
Altogether, once you have finished all the available quests for your faction for this group you should be at 1990/21000 revered with the Kal’uak. (This is slightly different if you are a lucky human…4289/21000 I believe, but I’m going to pretend nobody is for the sake of this guide).

The faction has three dailies that you can then do to grind your rep up to exalted.
Each Kal’uak “base” has one quest each, and all three appear daily (unlike the rotating system of the Oracles or Frenzyheart).
Each of the three quests gives you 500 rep, therefore you can get 1500 rep a day.
Do all the quests (practically a necessity in order to unlock the daily for each base anyway) and it will take you 13 days to get yourself from revered to exalted.

The quests are outlined below:
Preparing for the Worst is the quest from the Unu’pe base in Borean Tundra. However, the quest giver is actually located west of the main base in Kaskala, near the gravel path down to the beach.
For this quest you need to find 8 of the wicker baskets and collect them.
Druid note incoming!: I got this faction to exalted at level 80 and for simple ease of collection I would also recommend anybody doing it this way, especially as a druid. Having flight form means the mobs don’t aggro (they are 68 ish level wise), and you don’t even have to drop out of flight form to pick up the crates!

The next place to hit is Moa’ki Harbour, the Dragonblight base. The quest here is Planning for the Future and essentially involves stealing baby wolvar from a camp just north. They are usually in packs of three and just involve clicking on to “collect” them into your bags.
The druid note I wrote above applies – the den-mothers and others will aggro when you go to collect the pups, but their damage is weak at level 80 and won’t knock you out of flight form, you can do the whole thing in the fraction of the time it would take on foot.

The final quest for this involves going to Kamagua, The Way to his heart…. This quest involves kiting a reef bull across the bay to a cow using “tasty fish”.
You get given a net to catch the fish, and they can be aquired from pools in the space between cow and bull (the pools sparkle, they can’t be found using Find Fish), or by killing sharks.
I simply found it easiest to just find the pools and use the net rather than going through the rigmarole of killing a shark and looting with the hope they’d drop some fish.
You can do this with just 3 or 4 fish but I tended to gather 10-12 – it didn’t take long at all and made things nice and easy.
Once you have all your fish, find a bull, target him and throw a fish. Kite him backwards using fish until you reach a cow, and they make sweet seal love.
Obviously I don’t know that bit to be true but I’m presuming.

Doing these three quests every day doesn’t take long – travelling between hubs takes longer than the quests themselves, and once you’ve done all the opening quests it’ll just take 13 days to get to exalted, which news you an achievement and the fishing rod and pet.

The monetary rewards aren’t high like with the Argent Tournament, it’s only 5 or so gold per quest, but they aren’t difficult.

And so ends the whistlestop guide to getting exalted with the Kal’uak!


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The redesign!

Is going pretty well!

I’ve got a lovely new header which I was desperate to use but I’ve decided to wait til I’m fully launched! Also been working on my background and some other little bits and pieces. Major thanks to Jaedia at The Lazy Sniper for all her help!

I also had a couple of nice responses on Blog Azeroth where I “launched” myself last week, and I had a lovely link from Cassandri at HoTs & DoTs too.

I’m currently working on designs for my RSS button and other bits and pieces but I’m waiting on illustrator to get uploaded to my laptop so I can combine it with WoW-model-viewer and make some funky designs.

Sketches are progressing. My lovely raid leader is going to scan in the sketch I did of a friend’s Draenei DK, so I’d like to start building up a gallery of my artwork, and maybe fiddle around on illustrator if I can to emphasize bits.

my next guide is in progress so hopefully I’ll get that finished sometime soon.


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