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Fab Website Of The Day:

has got to be Dressed to Cuddle.

I found this launched on Blog Azeroth and so far pretty much every post has had me sniggering at my desk. Luckily work already think I’m mad.

In particular, his post about screwing around with people thta beg for gold made me actually laugh-out-loud, and his just blatant ridicule of idiots is good for a laugh.

Also written a brilliant post on getting his violet drake. Gratz for that one 😉

Check him out.



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Article Of The Day: I R Srs Raider!

I’m just posting a link to yet another fantastic article at Righetous Orbs.

Take a look at it for an amusing debate about achievements and Malygos…

I don’t know, if my orgasms ended in a surge of golden light and came upon me when I was minding my own business killing crocodiles I’d be quite concerned.

I was fully expecting the fight to be a world of pain and to be crying at the feet of the Argent Tournament, begging to be allowed back into their Arena of Pointlessness. But, hey, you know it wasn’t as bad as all that.

Enjoy, and if you don’t subscribe to their blog, do so now.


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Article of the Day!

Just read an asbolutely fantastic article I think you should all check out as HoTs and DoTs.

It’s a great guide for all those a bit worried about performing in a group setting with fantastic mini-guides about every class!

Fantastic stuff;

Most people have some fear of failure. If your fear comes from:

1. Not knowing the instance and what to do
2. Not understanding what other classes/group members can do
3. Being criticised by other players

then by the time you get to the bottom of this post you’ll know more than enough to step into your first Dungeon. You might even know more than some of the other players in your group!

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Spotlight: Righteous Orbs

This site has got to be one of the BEST I read and subscribe to.
I love the humour, I love the wittiness but I also love the humanity to it – there’s no “I’m the BEST”, it’s just frank discussions of loads of different aspects of wow.

One of my favourite posts recently has a fantastic section I’d like to share, the whole post is really understandable as a healer who PuGs instances occasionally;

Also I think I can probably see their side of it – I mean, I came in there, swinging my WoWcock around like one of those incense-burning thingies they have in churches. During the World of Woe stage of the business, the mage did make some quip about me insisting people play the game my way – I replied to the effect that running after a wipe was merely good manners and not standing in dangerous stuff was considered advantageous in most circumstances. So, yes, in that sense I suppose I did want them to play the game my way – in a way that didn’t make me doing my job any harder than it had to be.

And, again, there was that insistence on getting through it and doing our jobs.

Doing our jobs? Doing my job is something I do during the day, and I get paid for it.

Playing WoW is something I do when I’m expecting to relax and have fun, and for which I don’t expect to be paid.

Also why should one “put up and shut up” when people in the game treat you badly? No amount of emblems are worth that. Equally, as a healer, I am not public property. Healing is something I do because I enjoy it, not to facilitate the game for others. I owed them nothing… yet they very much thought I did. In fact, they thought my duty to them extended to beyond healing – into taking shit from them as well.

Please take a look at Righteous Orbs


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Spotlight: Specialist Website

Today’s specialist website is Dreambound.

I absolutely, totally completely and utterly LOVE this site.

The blogger writes incredibly eloquently about being a druid, specifically a restoration druid. She talks about raiding, achievements, holidays, gears, theory…everything. Yet at the same time she stays constantly specific and knowledgable about so many subjects.

A couple of her posts I’ve seen that I really loved was a comic book version of the Yogg-Saron fight, and also some very insightful posts about achievements and the TotC raids.

I am always really chuffed to see a Dreambound post appear in my feeder and recommend her to absolutely everybody – druid or not druid.

One of my favourite Warcraft sites ever: Dreambound.


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Spotlight: Specialist Website

Today’s spotlight is on FAULSEY.

/Faulsey can be found here:

It’s a fantastic resource for new raiders, with a tilt towards beast mastery hunters and enhancement shamans.

I find Faulsey’s writing amusing, succinct and helpful, and some of his detailed work is on getting ready to raid.

Check out his blog for some great comments on WoW and the world.

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Spotlight: Specialist Website

The first in my spotlight series is going to be a fantastic website for hunters.

It’s written by a marvellous girl with hunters on both the horde and the alliance and experience playing on both a PvP and PvE server. Her blog can be found at The Lazy Sniper, here:

Her blog contains loads of helpful information on topics such as gems and enchants, pets, professions, racials, rotations & macros, specs & glyphs, useful mods/addons and a great pre-raid gear list.

I’ve raided and played with the hunter in question and she is a fantastic player and a great blogger so I’d recommend all newly dinged hunters check her out for some assistance.


Soph (with my Petranne hat on)

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