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Just A Quick Update…

Apologies for radio silence over the past week.
I’ve been away as it’s been my birthday.

I just want to mention now (I haven’t got time for a full blog post but should have later in the afternoon), that I’ve blocked public access to my personal blog.
This isn’t to stop people reading it. I don’t mind that people do, I like that people do.
But when thinking about my own digital footprint I realise having personal details about my life open access probably isn’t the most appropriate. However. I have between 20 and 60 views a day. I currently have four people on my “allowed” to view list.
If you do want to look at it, all you need is your WordPress username. If you do want to keep viewing, just send me an email with the username and I’ll add it to the list and you can keep on reading.


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A Quick Update!

Hello readers!
A quick update and apology for no blog post this weekend. I’m currently right in the middle of trying to get my incredibly confusing new site set up and running so that’s taking up a fair amount of time!
Add on top of that the fact my weekend seemed to disappear before it started (check out the diary for more info on my very dull weekend) means I’m behind on LOADS of things, including all my sketches! Argh!

I’m going to try and get a proper “WoW” post up later on today.

Until then,
Thanks for being patient

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New Domain Name!

Today I bought the domain name
I am waiting for my account set-up/control panel information to come through then I can start tp move across my stuff and set up the new template.
I’m really excited and looking forward to getting rolling!


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Little K.T. vs Mr. Bigglesworth

This came from The Stoppable Force.

I can’t think of anything quite so awesome and quite so utterly evil at the same time.

Longer post inc. later on today!

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The redesign!

Is going pretty well!

I’ve got a lovely new header which I was desperate to use but I’ve decided to wait til I’m fully launched! Also been working on my background and some other little bits and pieces. Major thanks to Jaedia at The Lazy Sniper for all her help!

I also had a couple of nice responses on Blog Azeroth where I “launched” myself last week, and I had a lovely link from Cassandri at HoTs & DoTs too.

I’m currently working on designs for my RSS button and other bits and pieces but I’m waiting on illustrator to get uploaded to my laptop so I can combine it with WoW-model-viewer and make some funky designs.

Sketches are progressing. My lovely raid leader is going to scan in the sketch I did of a friend’s Draenei DK, so I’d like to start building up a gallery of my artwork, and maybe fiddle around on illustrator if I can to emphasize bits.

my next guide is in progress so hopefully I’ll get that finished sometime soon.


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OOO! Wild Growth News!

Keeva, over at the fabulous Tree Bark Jacket has posted that the word on the street is that the Wild Growth bug is finally fixed.

I spent a lonnnnnnng time thinking there was something wrong with my UI or my casting when I would be shift-right-clicking (my keybind for Wild Growth) on a target on pitbull and getting nothing. I noticed first in Razorscale – if I was the target for a fireball or the blue fire, she would appear as MY target although I probably wouldn’t notice, and then I’d try Wild Growth someone and it woudn’t work – as Razor was out of range, flapping about in the sky somewhere.

However! It wasn’t just me, the same thing was happening everywhere, for everyone, with out of range targets and dead targets too. Luckily it seems to have been fixed though, so yay for that.

Thanks for the tip, Keeva

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