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Spotlight: Specialist Website

Today’s spotlight is on FAULSEY.

/Faulsey can be found here:

It’s a fantastic resource for new raiders, with a tilt towards beast mastery hunters and enhancement shamans.

I find Faulsey’s writing amusing, succinct and helpful, and some of his detailed work is on getting ready to raid.

Check out his blog for some great comments on WoW and the world.


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Spotlight: Specialist Website

The first in my spotlight series is going to be a fantastic website for hunters.

It’s written by a marvellous girl with hunters on both the horde and the alliance and experience playing on both a PvP and PvE server. Her blog can be found at The Lazy Sniper, here:

Her blog contains loads of helpful information on topics such as gems and enchants, pets, professions, racials, rotations & macros, specs & glyphs, useful mods/addons and a great pre-raid gear list.

I’ve raided and played with the hunter in question and she is a fantastic player and a great blogger so I’d recommend all newly dinged hunters check her out for some assistance.


Soph (with my Petranne hat on)

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