General Reputation Guide

This is going to be a quickfire reputation guide listing the available factions in the game, and whether rep is got through daily quests, items or instance runs.

It is only quick fire, and I hope to have more detailed information available soon for each of the factions, similar to my other available guides.

The link in the name of the faction takes you to the official WoW-Europe site, if one is available.
Under each section is a link to the WoWWiki and WoWhead guides. If anybody has a guide for getting to exalted with any of these factions let me know and I will link you in.


Wintersaber Trainers: Alliance only. Done through repeatable quests that vary on your own rep. level. Low drop rates, horrendous grind. Results in one mount, which is a feat of strength. The rough estimate, with solid grinding, is 42 hours of game time if you do this NON-stop, with each quest taking 15 minutes. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Cenarion Circle: Run AQ20 if you can. Twilight mobs in Silithus award rep when killed, and the base there has lots of rep awarding quests. There are some repeatable quests which include collecting bits of leather, metal, etc as “supplies”, or killing a certain number of mobs, but these are time consuming and not needed for the rep grind. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Darkmoon Faire: Worst. Grind. Ever. Will take an age. Involves collecting items for NPCs for the first rep level, then collecting slowly increasing tiers of bits and pieces. At friendly, start handing in decks of cards. These cna be made by inscribers. As a main point, please note this faction will probably cost you a fortune to grind. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Hydraxian Waterlords: Molten Core faction. Now possible with a couple of friends (or as many as you want) at level 80. Quite easy to reach honoured without grinding the more rare mobs in Silithus so don’t bother with that unless you really don’t think you’re going to be able to get MC runs going. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Shen’dralar: snooty guys that read a lot of books. Turn in your class specific book once and then the three available librams as many times as you want. They are unique though and you can only have one at once. Become an engineer when farming this rep, seriously. Access to a mailbox and a vendor will save masses of time. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Timbermaw Hold: mostly done through grinding bad furbolgs in Felwood or Winterspring. Winterspring also involves crossing paths with wintersaber faction grinders so Felwood may be slightly easier. Collect beads/feathers as you go, but don’t hand them in until you reach revered. You need 350 beads/feathers from the furbolgs in order to go from revered to exalted. Not a fun grind but not actually that long. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Zandalar Tribe: Zul’Gurub faction. Run ZG for rep, or buy the tokens that drop off mobs from the AH and hand them in. It is therefore more time consuming but certainly possible to get to exalted with never having set foot in the instance. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Thorium Brotherhood: repeatable hand ins, no limit daily. Low drop rate on items – often MC items like lava core’s, etc, or dark iron ore. Some easier to grind items such as incendosaur scales, can get you from neutral to friendly. Time taken will depend completely on drop rates. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Bloodsail Buccaneers: kill the dudes in Booty Bay. Lots. Forever. Just as a note, regrinding to exalted with the Cartel is an absolute ballache and you won’t be able to use any goblin flight paths until you are back to neutral and above with them again. You get a pirate hate and a title for doing this. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Ravenholdt: beware, unless you’re loaded or know a rogue. Kill syndicate until you are 11999/12000 honoured with them first. You will then need to hand in 2800 junkboxes to get from that point to exalted – 5 junkboxes is 75 rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Brood of Nozdormu: kick yourself off in Silithus with quests. Enter AQ40 and grind grind grind. You start at 0/36000 hated with this faction. A run of AQ40 will net you 8 or so insignia which are 500 rep each – so remember to loot every boss. After a certain level, only the last few boss kills actually give loot so it’s even more important to collect your insignia. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Argent Dawn: shedloads of quests in the plaguelands for AD rep. When you’ve run out of those, equip your trinket and just run stratholme or scholomance for scourgestones and rep from killing things. Not particularly difficult or time consuming, although the dungeons are a bit…depressing. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Steamwheedle Cartel (Ratchet, Booty Bay, Everlook and Gadgetzan): kill pirates. The pirates of a “home region” only get that region up to 11999/12000 honoured, so you will need to swap regions at least once – eg, kill ratchet pirates til 11999/12000 with ratchet, swap to BB and kill pirates til ratchet is exalted, then switch back to ratchet until other three factions are at exalted. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Burning Crusade:

With TBC came many more factions. A lot of these factions had their rep increased by multiple runs of heroic dungeons, easily duo-able or even soloable by experienced level 80s.

The Scale of the Sands: faction that is related to the Mount Hyjal raid. This is doable with ten to fifteen people at level 80, although possibly fewer. You get an upgradeable ring, similar to that gained from advancing your Brood of Nozdormu and Violet Eye rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Violet Eye: The faction relating to Karazhan. A ten man raid easily doable with fewer but fun and very fast to do with ten now. Some quests from the NPCs outside the doorway. Again, gives an upgradeable ring. Worth noting there is no relation between these mages and NPCs and the Violet Hold/Kirin Tor dudes in Dalaran. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Netherwing: a faction based in Shadowmoon Valley, you start off as hated and get switched to Neutral after a quest line. The grind is slow to go from neutral to exalted, but the rewards are awesome – a free netherdrake upon hitting exalted and then others are 200g each. You increase your rep by completing excruciatingly painful daily quests and trying to find netherdrake eggs. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Ashtongue Deathsworn: this faction relates to the Black Temple raid. Run the instance to get your rep up. The runs are actually quite lucrative, it doesn’t take that many to move upwards rep wise. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Consortium: an awesome faction of shady dealers and vendors. These ethereals have their own heroic instance – Mana Tombs – which can be run for rep. Mobs in the instance, Netherstorm and some in Blade’s Edge also drop Ethereum Prison Keys. Use these to unlock purple orb prisons in Netherstorm. Kill the mob inside the prison for yet more rep. You can also hand in ogre beads from ogres in Nagrand for more Consortium rep, although these may be better spent on Kurenai/Mag’har rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Keepers of Time: Linked to the Scale of the Sands faction, this group is located inside the Caverns of Time. Run the Escape from Durnholde and Black Morass dungeons to increase your KoT rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Kurenai/Mag’har: The two Nagrand factions. Each one has a base you can complete quests for which should put you some way into honoured. Kill many many ogres and hand in ogre beads to get yourself to exalted. They also have some awesome talbulks to ride as a reward for hitting exalted. Kurenai rep can also be got from quests in Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh. WoWWiki (Kurenai), WoWhead (Kurenai), WoWWiki (Mag’har), WoWhead (Mag’har).

Honor Hold/Thrallmar: The first Outland faction you will encounter once through the Dark Portal. Rep here comes from the Hellfire Citadel dungeons (Blood Furnace, Ramparts, Shattered Halls et al) and general Hellfire Peninsula quests. There is also a PvP daily. WoWWiki (Honor Hold), WoWhead (Honor Hold), WoWWiki (Thrallmar), WoWhead (Thrallmar).

Cenarion Expedition: The other arm of the Cenarion team. Some quests in Borean Tundra in Northrend reward CE rep, tons in Zangarmarsh do (they have an outpost there), and other little units across Northrend, such as one in Hellfire have druid NPCs. You can also get rep by handing in Unidentified Plant Parts and Coilfang Armaments up to exalted and run Slave Pens, Steamvault and Underbog on heroic. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Sporeggar: awesome faction, awesome tabard. Little…alien dudes with a base in Western Zangarmarsh. Being exalted with them also awards a tiny sporebat pet. They have two main repeatable quests to get yourself to exalted. Collect sanguine hibiscus from mobs in Coilfang instances and hand those in for rep. If you don’t want to run an instance, there is a naga killing quest that rewards 750 rep a run. Nice and easy although very tedious. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Ogri’la: your rep with Ogri’la will go up if you grind Sha’tari Skyguard rep. I would recommend completing the S. Skyguard grind and then just doing the Ogri’la dailies until exalted as you should be some way into revered by that point. Their base is in Blade’s Edge Mountains and quest chains unlock more of the NPCs as you go on. WoWWiki, WoWhead

The Scyrers/Aldor: these are the two Shattrah city warring factions, each with quests in the city but more in Shadowmoon Valley. There are lots of quests there that will increase your rep, but once you have done them all you can grind rep by handing in Sunfury Rings/Signets and Arcane Tomes that drop of mobs on Quel’Denas and the TK instances for Scryer rep, and marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments that drop of Auchindoun mobs to increase Aldor rep. All those rep items can be bought from the AH. WoWWiki (Scryers), WoWhead (Scryers), WoWWiki (Aldor), WoWhead (Aldor).

Lower City: Lower City rep can be increased by running three out of the four Auchindoun instances (Shadow Labs gives the most rep), and by completing the many quests given by Lower City NPCs. You can also hand in arakkoa feathers until you reach honoured. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Sha’tar: increase your rep with this faction through quests from the NPCs and by running the three TK instances, Botanica, Mechanar and Arcatraz. Botanica is really, really quick to run through. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Sha’tari Skyguard: If you want to ride around on a sting ray, this faction is for you. Tedious, tedious daily quests in Terrokar and Blade’s Edge will give you Skyguard rep. This is one of the longest grinds. WoWWiki, WoWhead

Shattered Sun Offensive: I have actually written a full detailed guide to getting exalted with SSO you can find here. Dailies on the Isle of Quel’Denas and spread across Outland can get you from friendly to exalted in a short period of time. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Wrath of the Lich King

The most recent expansion in WoW. Rep for a lot of factions comes from running heroic dungeons with tabards.

Knights of the Ebon Blade: rep gained from a base camp of quests in South-Eastern Zul’Drak and then a large hub in Icecrown which includes some awesome phasing. Equip the tabard and run heroics – any heroics – to get to exalted. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Kalu’ak: guide to getting exalted with the Kal’uak available on my site here. They have three base camps across Northrend, connected by giant turtle boats. Takes about 3 weeks. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Sons of Hodir: epic questline that takes you from hated upwards through the Storm Peaks. Then reach exalted (essential for raiders – shoulder enchant comes from here) by doing sexual innuendo filled quests. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Kirin Tor: quests everywhere (inc. Dalaran) willl give you rep for these guys, including the cooking daily. Again you can equip a tabard and run heroics to get yourself to exalted. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Wyrmrest Accord: quests in Dragonblight around the temple will give you Wyrmrest rep, there are lots and lots. Also this is another faction where equipping a tabard and running heroics will get you rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Argent Crusade: quests based in Icecrown and Zul’Drak will give you Argent Crusade rep. Again you can use a tabard to get rep through dungeons. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Alliance Vanguard: the overarching faction of the alliance forces in Northrend, quests that gave expedition rep etc will give half that rep also to the Vanguard. Remove any tabard and run a heroic to get Vanguard rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Valiance Expedition: base camps scattered across Northrend reward expedition rep, and there are lots of daily quests that also award rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead

The Silver Covenant: military faction. Complete Argent Tournament dailies to grind up your S.C. rep very quickly. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Explorer’s League: a “new” faction although NPCs have been around for ages. They have one daily quest you would need to do 137 times to reach exalted. Good luck with that… WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Frostborn: a mini dwarf faction in Storm Peaks. Complete their quest hub then the one daily for rep. After patch 3.3, completing a heroic without a tabard will contribute to Frostborn rep as well as Vanguard rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Oracles/Frenzyheart Tribe: Dual factions in Sholozar Basin. Pretty easy to swap between the two, and being exalted with the Oracles gives you the chance to earn a green protodrake. Read my guide to getting exalted with the Oracles here. WoWWiki (Oracles), WoWhead (Oracles), WoWWiki (Frenzyheart), WoWhead (Frenzyheart).

And here endeth the blog post!




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  1. 1

    Nice list and quick n to the point explanation!

    I have my netherdrake, my talbuk and my spore bat pet.

    I am VERY tired of rep grinding.

    (though I’m almost revered with the winterspring trainers *bangs head on desk*) The big question here is if the Winterspring faction will still exist, post-cataclysm?

    And, wow, never noticed the innuendo from “polishing the helm, thrusting the spear and blowing the horn”

    *cough* nope… never noticed that… 🙂
    (question- are those mental images worse than literally digging through/picking up monster droppings for other quest items?)

    Ahhhh… I’ll have to say “yes, that’s worse”…

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