Elsen’s WoW Hall of Fame

This is a post inspired by my thoughts on last weeks Blog Azeroth shared topic.

As you all know, my thought process is rambling, confusing and to be frankly a bit shoddy. After reading a lot of the negative (and the positive) posts about both the state of WoW and the uproar surrounding ICC’s gating system, I got thinking about how I saw/see WoW, what I take from the game and what I give to it.

I realised that the game is great fun. The raids are fun, the achievements are fun, the heroics are fun, the levelling is fun. But what makes this computer game special for me is the company. Some of it is exceptional, and I’ve met some very special people in my 2 years playing.

This is going to be a chronological Hall of Fame…

Most of the people here are just ordinary players, not bloggers or anything, so it’s just going to be an armoury link unless I specify otherwise so feel free not to click.
I just quite like having links…

Balthuris and Tyrest (one a member of a raiding guild, one who no longer plays) were my two friends from level 15 to level 40. They levelled up as feral whereas I bounced along as balance, throwing them some heals. We tore up Darkshore and Ashenvale together, even hitting Stonetalon Mountains and STV as a thressome.
We weren’t guilded together at the time but we played together almost all of the time. I loved their company and I loved playing with them, I felt like I was really part of a team. They were my first introduction into the social side of WoW, and as all three of us really were TOTAL noobs, with only Balth having playing any MMORPG before, we had a brilliant time.
When I joined the now disbanded Knights of the Crusade in the mid level 40s, I joined Ty and Balth in their guild. I carried on slowly slowly levelling up, and when, after a three month summer break I hit 70, I was at a bit of a loss.
That’s where I came into contact with a few other people who had been 70 for longer, in my guild.
Rosiah was this mad little Mancunian dude who first introduced me to a heroic instance (it was Shadow Labs, and I was still a moonkin), with another guildie of ours, Baruch. They introduced me to end-game, slowly slowly, taking me through heroics and showing me the ropes, and we became a bit of a team when I respecced to being a healer. We drafted in a lovely lady called Soph, who became one of my closest friends and our pocket tank.
We were a real posse of people, ready made for any obstacle!
Ros taught me how to play, Soph became my first in-game girly friend, and Bar essentially became my psychiatrist. We used to joke that what he charges average people £90 an hour for, I used to get free.
I miss them all dreadfully, especially as their playtimes have greatly reduced.

Fast forward to just before the released of Lich King. KotC combusted, and Rosiah moved to a guild called Justice League. I followed him there, and Baruch and Soph both followed me. In JL I met Lilleth and Sizu, who became real life friends of mine.
I raided Naxxramas for the first time, under the fantastic leadership of my then GM, Psidium. One of the players I truly have the most respect and the most time for.

Around this time I started to research further into WoW, read up on my class, do some research and work, discovered Resto4Life and other fab druid blogs such as Leafshine, 4healz and HoTs Tree.

Just before Justice League imploded I left for Flames of the Phoenix, my permanent WoW home. I was welcomed into the fold by some fantastic players, including the fab GM, Meylenne.

I raided with them for a little while, but moved back into what was Justice League’s “new” guild, led by Psidium. Respice Finem. Social loyalties pushed me into moving there, and it was a bad decision to make, but one that I rectified a few months later. Whilst in Respice, I met two absolutely unbelievable people. Zalduun, also known as Lewis or more affectionately “squish”, found me by commenting on my blog (the personal one). I bond of mutual abuse and adoration developed, and he is luckily guilded with me now. I love playing with him. I love the support I get from him, the friendship, the companionship, everything. I don’t know what I’d do if he stopped playing really. Even if he does play a bloody space goat.
During my time in Respice, I also met Hannah, known as Jaedia to me or Fae to others, fantastic blogger and author of The Lazy Sniper. Someone else I feel close to and whose friendship I wouldn’t want to be without.
I moved back to Flames and was once again welcomed back to the guild by the guild.
Since I’ve come back to Flames I’ve made a couple of really really good friends, in particular my raid leader Nyo, who sits and keeps me company day in day out at work, makes me smile and listens to me ramble on for hours on end, answering all my questions with incredible patience. I also enjoy spending my WoW time with Mike, gossiping with Tag and nattering with the many others who make my WoW time the fun it is.

I think the point of this post shows that the relationships within Azeroth that I’ve developed have lasted with me and some of them (and hopefully some more will in the future) persisted into the non-internet world that sometimes get’s called Real Life.

I don’t know what I’d do without my friends in game, and I’ll just say to all of those who sometimes get down with the game, depressed about it’s direction, think about the people you’ve met, friendships and even relationships you too have formed, and whether those make the fact you can’t kill Arthas on 3.3 release day really is that bad.

For now,


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    Ducky said,

    Hey Elsen
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and admire your blogg.
    spent an hour just now reading on endlessy down the wall and enjoyed your wowbio, I guess it could be called?

    before I go Id like to cheer you onward with your blogg and good luck.


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