The redesign!

Is going pretty well!

I’ve got a lovely new header which I was desperate to use but I’ve decided to wait til I’m fully launched! Also been working on my background and some other little bits and pieces. Major thanks to Jaedia at The Lazy Sniper for all her help!

I also had a couple of nice responses on Blog Azeroth where I “launched” myself last week, and I had a lovely link from Cassandri at HoTs & DoTs too.

I’m currently working on designs for my RSS button and other bits and pieces but I’m waiting on illustrator to get uploaded to my laptop so I can combine it with WoW-model-viewer and make some funky designs.

Sketches are progressing. My lovely raid leader is going to scan in the sketch I did of a friend’s Draenei DK, so I’d like to start building up a gallery of my artwork, and maybe fiddle around on illustrator if I can to emphasize bits.

my next guide is in progress so hopefully I’ll get that finished sometime soon.



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  1. 1

    Jaedia said,

    Ooh, do add those to a page! Things like that are nice when they’re easy to find 😀

  2. 2

    sofandtree said,

    Hehe I shall!
    As soon as I’m self hosted the guides will be in a separate easy to find category, as will a gallery of my sketches and particularly good screenshots.
    I’m desperate to get Illustrator on my laptop so I can start making things haha!

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