How To: The Kal’uak

This is my second intensive reputation guide – the place to come to find out EXACTLY what you need to do to get to exalted – and by exalted I mean 999/1000, with the Kal’uak tribe.

A walrus type people who have two very important reputation rewards.
One is the Nurtured Penguin Egg which turns into the penguin, “Pengu”, a vanity pet. The second is the Mastercraft Kal’uak Fishing Pole which gives a lovely +30 to your fishing, and also looks awesome.

There are just over 50 quests that give Kal’uak rep.
There is one quest hub in Borean Tundra (located in the South West, near Valiance Keep), one in Dragonblight, also on the South coast, and one in Howling Fjord, located on the Western coast.
Altogether, once you have finished all the available quests for your faction for this group you should be at 1990/21000 revered with the Kal’uak. (This is slightly different if you are a lucky human…4289/21000 I believe, but I’m going to pretend nobody is for the sake of this guide).

The faction has three dailies that you can then do to grind your rep up to exalted.
Each Kal’uak “base” has one quest each, and all three appear daily (unlike the rotating system of the Oracles or Frenzyheart).
Each of the three quests gives you 500 rep, therefore you can get 1500 rep a day.
Do all the quests (practically a necessity in order to unlock the daily for each base anyway) and it will take you 13 days to get yourself from revered to exalted.

The quests are outlined below:
Preparing for the Worst is the quest from the Unu’pe base in Borean Tundra. However, the quest giver is actually located west of the main base in Kaskala, near the gravel path down to the beach.
For this quest you need to find 8 of the wicker baskets and collect them.
Druid note incoming!: I got this faction to exalted at level 80 and for simple ease of collection I would also recommend anybody doing it this way, especially as a druid. Having flight form means the mobs don’t aggro (they are 68 ish level wise), and you don’t even have to drop out of flight form to pick up the crates!

The next place to hit is Moa’ki Harbour, the Dragonblight base. The quest here is Planning for the Future and essentially involves stealing baby wolvar from a camp just north. They are usually in packs of three and just involve clicking on to “collect” them into your bags.
The druid note I wrote above applies – the den-mothers and others will aggro when you go to collect the pups, but their damage is weak at level 80 and won’t knock you out of flight form, you can do the whole thing in the fraction of the time it would take on foot.

The final quest for this involves going to Kamagua, The Way to his heart…. This quest involves kiting a reef bull across the bay to a cow using “tasty fish”.
You get given a net to catch the fish, and they can be aquired from pools in the space between cow and bull (the pools sparkle, they can’t be found using Find Fish), or by killing sharks.
I simply found it easiest to just find the pools and use the net rather than going through the rigmarole of killing a shark and looting with the hope they’d drop some fish.
You can do this with just 3 or 4 fish but I tended to gather 10-12 – it didn’t take long at all and made things nice and easy.
Once you have all your fish, find a bull, target him and throw a fish. Kite him backwards using fish until you reach a cow, and they make sweet seal love.
Obviously I don’t know that bit to be true but I’m presuming.

Doing these three quests every day doesn’t take long – travelling between hubs takes longer than the quests themselves, and once you’ve done all the opening quests it’ll just take 13 days to get to exalted, which news you an achievement and the fishing rod and pet.

The monetary rewards aren’t high like with the Argent Tournament, it’s only 5 or so gold per quest, but they aren’t difficult.

And so ends the whistlestop guide to getting exalted with the Kal’uak!



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    […] are very easy to complete and allow you to unlock the Kal’uak bases, should you want to grind your reputation with them […]

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    […] Kalu’ak: guide to getting exalted with the Kal’uak available on my site here. They have three base camps across Northrend, connected by giant turtle boats. Takes about 3 weeks. […]

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