Why Should I Level There? – Outland!

This is part3 in our guide about where to level. As in the earlier guides, green writing means it’s about the neutral hubs, red is from a horde perspective and blue from an alliance perpsective.

Thanks again from Zalduun for writing the horde perspective information.

Hellfire Penninsula: Actually one of my least favourite zones in Outland, but as we know I don’t take kindly to sand, desert and lava. Hellfire (hence the name I expect) has quite a lot. There is quite a nice mini-base for the Cenarion Expedition which introduces you to them, and some of the quests from the main base, Honor Hold, are good for making you feel very “FOR THE ALLIANCE!!”. Pretty much a Mirror of the alliance quests, however a very lore driven storyline to uncover the red skinned orcs and alert Thrall, with gifts and xp. A meh zone for looks, but with plenty of solid XP and reward quests for the starting outlander.

Zangarmarsh: One of the most “druidic” zones. The Cenarion have a massive base here and you get a lot of your quests from them. Great for building up your rep. I love the place because of some of the interesting NPCs you meet and some of the awesome creatures, all glow worm-ey. I also love the other grindable faction, the Sporeggar. Their tabard has a mushroom on it, they’re that awesome. A personal favourite zone for looks, full of whacky creatures that you’d expect to find in a futuristing mushroom Jungle. The trolls have made this place their own, and quests range from swatting bugs to smashing machines. There is a large amount of Naga here.

Terrokar Forest: Not the prettiest of zones, the depressing central zone and lone refugee caravan makes the area quite dark. Auchindoun contains four great instances, and the main area for quests is the massive city of Shattrah. The city is incredible but very, very quiet since WotLK came out. I love it though. A fairly bland zone, Terrokar’s main wealth of quests revolve around it’s blasted centre. Some neutral quests and faction specific ones that involve much the same thing. Also home to the neutral hub of Shattrath, where players choose their allegiance between Aldor and Scryer.

Nagrand: Not as lore happy for Alliance as horde, but this is my favourite zone of the game. I love the green fields and rolling hills, and there are lots of animals around, lots to be skinned! You meet the Consortium here, the ethereals and also a BIG character, Altruis the Sufferer. Everything about this zone is fabulous. A lovely zone, with plenty of wild creatures and rolling plains. The main threat here is the other faction, ogres, elementals and beasts. Also sees the return of Nessingwary for more animal culling. The Horde faction here is the Maghar, and you will need to do the Hellfire chain before questing with them. After unlocking them, a massive amount becomes avaliable, and at 70, an epic chain to reunite Thrall with his grandmother, and the son of his dead best friend.

Blade’s Edge Mountains: Avoid this place until you can fly, because it’s so hard to get round mounted on a ground mount. Towering walls of spikes split the zone into a maze. Some of the gnome quests are quite good fun, at Toshley’s station, and there are some lovely, druidic, nature based quests which involve growing trees at the Evergrove and Sylvanaar. It’s like Blasted lands with spikes. If you enjoy the kind of grindy survival quests that are avaliable here, you aren’t me. Horde base is the new home of the hero Rexxar. This is also the main pad of the Gronn.

Netherstorm: One of the zones that really shows the dark influence of the “bad guys”. The zone is shattered into different rocks and full of manaforges which you destroy and defeat. The Consortium of ethereals again run a lot of the business here and their projects such as the Stormspire bring light to an otherwise dark, dark place. Aldor quests here are mainly about shutting down the manaforges, and proving you’ve done it. Other than that, the Ethereals run most of this zone, and you reclaim land and places for them. There’s an inn in Area 52 where the scryer and aldor bicker between themselves, you get the same quests off whichever one you partner with. It’s an interesting conversation to watch.

Shadowmoon Valley: This place is very much the embodyment of the TBC xpac. Black and charred land, green lava, epic quest lines. The Horde camp is a lot of fun, with quests that keep you on your toes. The lines can take for ever, but reward you with a lot. This is home to the Black temple where Illidan can still be pwned, and the Netherwing, a Fel orc faction that can nonetheless still be worked on till you have your own netherdrake. Being transformed into a fel orc for the Netherwing quests is quite disconcerting. The quests are truly, truly epic and you do feel a massive sense of satisfaction once completed and also a massive sense of sadness when you take part in some of the sadder questlines, such as the one involving Oronok and his three sons.

And that’s Outland!

The big thing about Outland is choosing your faction. The Aldors tend to be favoured by alliance, the Scryers by horde, but with Lich King out, the rewards for reputation are no longer particularly useful. It is simply a case of which you’d like to grind first, if you are a reputation type person.

Good luck!

Part 4 inc…


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