Why Should I Level There? – Northrend!

And the final part of the guide begins. Same old same old, green for neutral, blue for alliance and red for horde!

Thanks to Zalduun for his horde contributions!

Borean Tundra: The first area I set foot in when I started Lich King. Getting off the boat into this snowy world makes you feel like you’re at the forefront of a new frontier, which I guess you are. In Valiance Keep you meet the lich king trainers, and the first bunch of quest givers. You get to push against the lich kings forces and also “clean up” the land by working with WoW’s equivalent of PETA, D.E.H.T.A! There is nothing Boring about Borean they say! And I reply, stfu. This zone is plain wierd, a missmash of frozen Tundra, arid grasslands and sandy beaches. The orc horde base here is MASSIVE and extremely impressive, but the quests are mainly about killing the rising undead forces and feel a bit of a letdown. You get to know Saurfang JR here, and blast your way through Malygos’s minions and consort on your way to the Nexus, which ends in the termination of the dragon you helped along the way.

Howling Fjord: Undead landed here, and it’s very apparent. Wherever they have set up base, the ground is scorched and unpleasant. A lot of the quest involve killing this, poisoning that, slicing the throats of the other, and generally reinforcing the Horde its evil reputation. A nice place with cliffs and trees suiting it’s Fjord status. A gorgeous land, scenery wise. You get a lot more interaction with the Kvaldir here which is great, as they are maginificently designed imo. I also love the Kal’uak, who also have a base here. Some of the quests are great fun, including some of your first experiences using vehicles for fighting, and also one which includes poking donkeys with stick.

Dragonblight: The Horde base here is similarly impressive, and you will follow on from Tundra’s quests by ‘enlightening’ the Tanunka to join the Horde. Other than that recruitment drive, you fight the rising nerubians, clash with the Alliance and Lich king’s undead, and slaughter the Scarlet crusade for the undead. Also home to the Wyrmrest temple hub, which not only offers many quests, it will be returned to for many endgame raid and 5 man quests. If you start your levelling in Borean Tundra, you may jump the Fjord and head here are most quests lead to it. There are some fabulous questlines, in particular involving the many colours of the dragonblight and the Wrathgate is an ESSENTIAL questline for anybody playing the game, for the incredibly moving cut scene and fantastic links to lore. It MUST be played through by all.

Grizzly Hills: another great zone! Rolling hills, dwarves doing exploration, mixture of snow, lakes and trees. Loads of stuff with bears and some interesting questlines involving trolls, a slightly slow young man beating them on the head with a club, and exposing a cult to actually be werewolves… Another heavy orc base here, with smaller tanunka ones scattered around. Also the start of the Drakuru questline, this place is a sprawling forest which looks very nice. A lot fighting between the sides in this zone. Quests include exploration, foraging and wiping out the undead worgen.

Zul’Drak: the carnal, animalistic zone. Includes a tiny base for the Argent Crusade, who seem to be continuously fighting against the ever advancing scourge and evil powers, there are zombies everywhere. Also home to some beautiful spirit beasts and quests involving them, the releasing of spirits and generally lots of bonding with trolls. A thorny, black and red place, with a roaming flesh titan called Thrym, this zone can be a pest. All the quest hubs are neutral, and packed with many long chains. The drakuru line finishes here, a very epic tale. Getting to pretend to be a troll is great.

Sholozar Basin: A crater akin to Ungoro, Sholozar is packed with wildlife, the third appearance of Nessingwary and his poacher followers, and the warring factions of the Oracles and the Frenzyheart, advisable to pick a side there. A place rich in herbs, ores and fishing spots, this zone has some great quests and rewards. The Northrend version of Nagrand, only slightly darker greens. Hemet does return to wreak havoc amongst the animals. Oracles and Frenzyheart…pick a side, and make it Frenzyheart, so you can swap over and grind out the Oracles mysterious eggs until your proto drake drops. Check out my AWESOME (if I may say so myself) guide to Oracles rep HERE!.

Crystalsong Forest: Dalaran, ‘affectionately’ known as “lag-a-ran” is based here. There are clear horde and alliance sectors, no choosing. The actual zone itself is very quiet. Sparse for actual zone based quests, Crystalsong is nonetheless gorgeous. White trees on purple background spread for miles. There are two hubs for the endgame highelf/bloodelf factions, Sunreaver and Silver Covenant, that currently offer no quests. It is thought this may be implemented later.

The Storm Peaks: Home of the Sons of Hodir, Ulduar and the two “Halls” instances. Lots of epic, epic questlines, including some brilliant ones such as grabbling from proto-drake to proto-drake, killing Kvaldir, encountering some demi-gods and jumping on to drakes in order to stab them in the roof of their mouthes. Epic stuff. Also some of the most innuendo filled quest names ever. Polishing the helm, anyone? A lot of neutral work here with the Goblins, discovering the past of the Tanunka in there base, and the crashed horde zeppelin. One of the longest and most involved stories involving the fallen lord Thorim and mending his friendship with the Ice giants, which will eventually unlock you the Sons of Hodir faction, needed for endgame shoulder enchants. There’s also some nice work you do with the goblins in their base, K3, and also some awesome stuff for working with the explorers league and their base high up in the mountains, near Ulduar.

Icecrown: Two zepplins roam the sky here, sending out players of the sides to kill the other, and the undead down below. Chains open up the Shadow vault for the Ebon blade, and smash the undead Vrykul camps. Now home to the Argent Tournament daily hub, most players will visit here to grind gold and seals. Also home to the pad of the Lich king, Icecrown citadel, reputed to be the last content in WotLK. The final goal, as the achievement says. Home to the Lich King, home to his minions and home to the two flying ships Zalduun discusses. A lot of content focuses around the fallen hero Thassaurian and his quest lines, and you encounter the Lich King in his child like form, as a ghostly apparation of a blond haired boy. The phasing that involves getting “in” with the Ebon Blade is fantastic and some of the work you do involves being transformed into different images and taking control of different creatures such as abominations, geists and the lich king himself. really epic stuff.

That sums up my region guides. I hope people find them useful and enjoy reading them and making use of them.

Any other opinions on the areas?

Let me know!


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  1. 1

    Jaedia said,

    Zal’s a Horde traitor 😉
    Nice guides though, fun to read.

  2. 2

    nanuki said,

    Loving your thoughts about those areas 🙂 For Howling Fjord I feel like you, the area is soo incredible beautiful!

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