Guild Recruitment and Rules

This is a topic I’ve read a lot about recently and also one I certainly have my fair share of opinions on.

I’ve been in guilds with two very different recruitment policies, and I’ve observed different recruitment policies as well.

There seems to be a variety of methods used.
1. Spam in trade.
2. Accidental/friends of friends
3. Forum based
4. Reputation
5. Poaching.

1. Spam in trade. How successful is this? And do you want the sort of people this sort of guild recruitment attracts in your guild? When I was in JL, before it changed over to it’s current form, a bit of attempted recruitment was done via trade. It never seemed to work though, or drum up any particular support. I, as someone who doesn’t ever plan on leaving FotP unless I am thrown out, at which point I would probably still be kicking and screaming, holding on to the doorway with my nails, view trade adverts for guilds I see with scepticism. I am overly critical of ANY mistakes I see grammatically or with spelling and some of the guild names make me laugh. I wouldn’t ever want to walk round (or should I say lag round?) Dalaran with “NoObZ R US” under my name, for example.

2. Accidental/friends of friends.
This is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to recruit. You PuG with someone a few times. You realise they know their class, they know how to play and you think, “they’d make a good addition!”. You become friends with them, they see you also know your class, and seem happy in your guild. This sort of thing mainly works with the unguilded or the “ambitious” – ie those in a levelling guild or a social guild who may perhaps want to progress further. However. I use quotation marks to bracket “ambitious” here because it can be both a bad quality and a good. Ambitious people who use their guild to get what they want are not a good addition. Those that use their guild to progress or to get into “better” guilds are awful people, imho. Not the sort of person you’d want to be playing with.
However, accidental recruitment can work, I’ve met a very good friend and exceptional player via her pugging with some of my old guildmates when she played on our server. She joined our guild, performed exceptionally and became a good friend.

3. Forum based. I play on Terenas, in the EU region, and rather than using the realm forums, a special website that’s had many different forms is used for posting bad conduct, good conduct, events, trades and recruitment. It’s called Terenas Tavern.
I think that people have to be actively hunting out a raiding or progression guild to work their way on to forums. They might be looking for the guild that does the server firsts, or looking for a server transfer and scouting out the environment. Forums are therefore a very good recruitment tool if you want to recruit the keen. However your advert needs to be good.
No spelling mistakes. No grammatical errors. No cheesy lines or badly designed images. I love the idea of a recruitment poster, but maybe my own opinions and likes/dislikes of art and what I define as “classy” makes me opinionated on what looks good and bad on a poster.
This links back to your own guild website. What does it look like? Is it nice, classical, simple, easy to read and use? Or cluttered, hard to understand, “child-like” or unimaginative? Have you just copied a template or have you USED your imagination and gone with something interesting?
There are several examples out there of good and bad guild websites, some are dire and some are sparkling. Everyone’s opinion of what looks good and bad is different, but maybe again my own attraction towards writing and understanding code makes my ideas of a “nice” website different to that of others.

4. Reputation. The top guilds on the servers are always going to attract applicants. Good applicants, of course, (the word ambitious springs to mind once more), but also bad applicants. They are going to attract people who want to raid high end and push their abilities to the limit, play hardcore, but they are also going to attract applicants who think, “oo, Ensidia, i heardz about dem on the webby, I’m a-gonna APPLY”. It must be painful combing through applications at times.
However, those with the best reputation will attract some very good applicants. In my opinion, however, reputation isn’t always based on how progressed you are. Being acknowledged as friendly, helpful, fun and open-minded are attractive qualities as well, or at least I think they are.

5. Poaching. This is something I’m quite (probably OVERLY) moralistic about. People should not poach members from other guilds in order to have the “best” players. I will be quite honest about this. I poached Dan from KotC into JL. I poached Squish from RF into my current guild. But not because I wanted the BEST PLAYERS EVER in the guild I was in, because I wanted to play with my friends. I see people using guilds as “steps” up to other guilds, and it really annoys me. I see people in guilds trying to “poach” players they think they may find useful by using flattery, raid invites and blatantly walking over other guilds in order to get what they see as “good” players.
I can see every appeal of wanting to play with your friends. That’s fine – make it known to your friends you want to play with them. My guild leader in Respice knew when I left that my closest friends would probably follow. But going right under somebody else’s authority to get what you want? When it’s for – imho – the wrong reasons? This is bad.
Suggest your guild, talk to them about it, but do it OPENLY. I find this underhand yet total bulldozer attitude I see very disheartening.

I realise this is a somewhat confusing post but it’s something I am seeing more and more of and something that bothers me slightly. I think because I see myself to be particularly honest and open I find either a bulldozer approach of “it doesn’t matter what other people think or feel, I will do what I want” and also the underhand methods of “oo, come to my guild, you’re a brilliant player, your strengths will be played to so much” also very…uncomfortable.


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    Jaedia said,

    Put up a recruitment topic spelling out what your guild is, how often they raid, raid times, raid progression, attitude, etc. link back to the website and so on. In Terenas’, I’d say put it on both forums, some people, transfers, don’t always stumble across the Tavern. And the odd /2 advertisement but keep it minimal
    is recruiting [class]. We have 13/14 Ulduar 25, 5/5 TotC 25 and 1/5 TotGC down. We raid 3 nights a week, raid starts at 19:30 server time. Check for more info.

    What’s wrong with short and sweet? It’s straight and to the point, doesn’t need to be spammed but once in a while MIGHT catch somebody’s attention, rare, but, more likely to if it’s there.

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