How to: The Oracles

This guide is aimed at those interested in a full and comprehensive guide to getting from start to finish (and by finish I mean 999/1000 exalted), with the Oracles.

I will be using coordinates in this guide as location indicators so please do download a coordinates add-on if you can.

Quick tip number one: I recommend, when grinding Sholozar Basin reputation, you do the Frenzyhearts first. This means once you have completed the Oracles, you don’t need to swap back over in order to gain the other three rep related achievements (“Mercenary of Sholozar” and “Frenzyheart Tribe” and “Honorary Frenzyheart”), and you can carry on collecting your “Mysterious Egg” for the rest of your time playing the game, or until your green proto-drake hatches.

Making the Oracles your friend:

Whichever faction you choose to start with, there is a long quest line beforehand, starting with the pre-quest Part-time Hunter, from Tamara, who lives in River’s Heart at 50.5, 61.1. You have to kill a cat called Pitch, who is at 50.76, surrounded by 3 wolvar. Killing him sparks off the first quest in this long line, which is Playing Along. This involves you reporting to one of the Frenzyheart Tribe as their ‘new slave’ (location 55,70 for the Frenzyheart Hill).

Followed on after this is the quest The Ape-Hunter’s Slave. Here you have to kill a variety of gorillas, who are both aggressive and none aggressive mobs. They are in the 60,70 area of the map. Foragers are non-aggressive, chargers are aggressive. Be careful when pulling as some of them are quite close together – it’s an idea to work in from the outside.

Quick tip 2: Don’t ever delete your “shackles” or any other miscellaenous NPC calling item you may get. You will usually have to call out the NPC using the item in order to turn the quest in.

Next is quest Tormenting the Softknuckles. This involves poking baby gorillas with a stick (located at 66,73) until the big mama (Matriach) appears out of a cave. Kill her, quest complete. Hand in to the high shaman in the usual place.

This opens up the next NPC and his quest, The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice. 15 wasps to kill (6 wasps, 9 drones), all located around 59,79. Quest The Sapphire Queen should also have become available from another NPC (Elder Harkek), at the same time. So kill two birds (or bees) with one stone and kill the sapphire queen. She’s right at the back of the cave past the mobs you need to kill for the first quest. quick warning – apparently abilities such as shadow step and killing spree cause the cave to disappear and leave you standing in space. Avoid those if you can!

Flown the Coop is open to you now, which involves running around the Frenzyheart Hill looking for chickens, which you catch with your net. Usually you can net two or three in one loop if you find a clutch of them together. This follows on to The Underground Menace, where you have to kill a sandworm. He can spawn anywhere along the sandy banks of the river around the 53,83 mark, south of the Skyreach Pillar (Southern edge of the basin, eastern side), so the best thing to do is start at one end, make sure your frenzyheart is out and run along, looking for both dead bodies and rubble on the floor. Run over the rubble and he will pop up. He’s a non-elite, and therefore an easy kill.

I’m not writing down the rep rewards for these quests by the way, because as soon as you reach the “decision point”, your rep will disappear and sort of ‘start all over again’.

Next take the quest Mischief in the Making, which involves scouting out blue crystals (a bit like the blue power crystals from Un’Goro) along the river, around where you found the sandworm.

Now comes one of the more fun quests. A Rough Ride involves riding (although it’s more like surfing as you stay on the poor thing’s head) the crocolisk until you reach the Mistwhisper Refuge. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to go on the crocolisk but it’s good fun and well worth it. Mistwhisper refuge is located at around 45,35.

Completing this (use the horn in your backpack to summon the frenzyheart), opens up two more quests. Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice involves smashing some of the skyreach crystals around the Oracle shrine, and The Mist Isn’t Listening involves killing 12 of the gorlocs. Do them both at the same time to save time!

This finally leads to Hoofing It, where you travel back to the Frenzyheart Hill, and finally , where you have to locate an injured oracle for the shaman. The injured oracle is located at 56, 65. If you talk to him a crocolisk will spawn. Kill it and then talk to the Oracle again.
Unfortunately a member of the Frenzyheart will have seen your actions and reports back to the tribe!

This opens up Fortunate Misunderstandings, an escort quest where you protect the Oracle while he makes his way back to camp. Completing this opens up Make the Bad Snake Go Away, which involves killing 10 emperor cobras and then venomtip, who is located around 58,54. The other cobras are around here too.
The third quest in this mini-series is Making Peace. The Oracles ask you to revisit the frenzyhearts, taking with you a peace offering. Vejkik (loc: 51,64) casts a spell which (regardless of you being mounted or not), knocks you off the cliff. Head back to the oracles and hand this in, which opens up the next set of quests.

Head back to the Oracles and pick up Gods Like Shiny Things. To complete this you need to use your summoning bag to call out Lafoo, and run around the area looking for sparkly dots on the ground. Find these, stand over them and Lafoo will dig them up. Some are ‘sparkling bugs’ or ‘sparkling hares’ (which if you squish will give you a brief speed increase – something I only discovered a week or two ago). You need 6 to complete the quest. If you’re level 80, the crocolisks and cobras may aggro, but shouldn’t take more than a couple of hits to kill.
Please note these aren’t sparkles like you get over a normal clickable object, dirt mound or bit of loot, they are just a single silver ‘glint’ that flashes in and out.

Making Peace and completing Gods Like Shiny Things triggers a new opening back with the Oracles – Back So Soon?. You need to travel to one of the other Oracles, over at 42,38.
Completing this opens up two separate quests. First is Forced Hand, for which you must kill 14 frenzyheart, (8 spearbearer and 6 scavenger). They are located a little to the north at around 41,26. Secondly The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure opens up. You have to kill one of the Frenzyheart leaders here, Warlord Tartek. Stand by the altar, and tartek and his proto-drake swoop down. Squish them (non-elite) and then loot the altar.
Important! Do not click the altar before you have killed Tartek, or it may well bug out!

Completing these will open up one of the final chains. Home Time! involves returning the the rainspeaker canopy and the high-oracle. This follows on to The Angry Gorloc.
Travel to 75,52 and use the ball you just got to summon Moodle.

He will give you two more quests, The Mosswalker Saviour (hunt through the rather depressing village, saving mosswalkers. Some are impossible to save, and die, and some of the phrases they come out with are also quite sad :(. I found this part quite sad actually!). He will also open up Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine, which involves staying away from the centre of the pillar but picking up 10 of the crystal shards from around the pillar.

AND FINALLY, you’ve reached the last part in the chain to determine your allegiance to the Oracles. A Hero’s Burden is soloable by some classes at 80 but I, as a resto/balance druid, couldn’t do it. But I’m rubbish at soloing things so don’t take my word for it. Whilst killing the elite lich, at 30%, he will go immune and the frenzyheart and oracle at his side will melt, entering the fight. You must kill one of these – the one you don’t kill will enter the fight on your side and help you defeat the lich.
After the fight, if you kill the Frenzyheart (and this is an oracles guide, so one presumes you would), the quest Hand of the Oracles opens up.

Complete this and you will become honoured with the Oracles!

From this point forward, your grind to Exalted begins, however you can not start it until the day after you kill Altruis.

There are 8 possible daily quests.

Appeasing the Great Rain Stone appears every day, and includes collecting 6 shinies like you did for one of the pre-quests earlier on. You need to pick up, from the high-oracle, one of the ways of summoning a “companion”. I tend to go with Lafoo, but it doesn’t really matter which you pick.

This awards 500 rep. The other two available dailies will be one “kill some frenzyheart” quest and the second will be one of the follwing:
A Cleansing Song (fly to three separate points:
43, 42 – Spirit of Atha
46, 74 – Spirit of Koosu
49, 63 – Spirit of Ha-Khalan, play the instrument, summon the bad guy, kill the bad guy);
Song of Fecundity (fly up to the elemental shelf on the north-western side of the basin, find the pale brown dirt patches and play the horn, x 8);
Song of Reflection (fly to the four unbroken pillars and play the horn. All are safe except for one which contains cultists, you may need to kill a few to manage that. I just played the tune, shadowmelded and bird formed out of there, but I’m a nelf druid :P)
Song of Wind and Water (this one took me a while to figure out. Fly to the elemental shelf, play your drums. Use the water spirits abilities to get a storm elemental to about a third of it’s health, then use the last ability on the bar to consume the essence. This will make you a storm elemental. Do the same thing on a water elemental and swap back. Do this twice more resulting in three essences for each).

The Frenzyheart-killing quests could be any from a selection of three:
Mastery of the Crystals (kill 50. You do not need to hunt out the crystals here. Just head to the most south westerly Frenzyheart camp and use AoE to kill 50.);
Power of the Great Ones (here you do need to head to the lifeblood pillar first, energize the crystal (avoid the mobs if you can), and then kill 30 frenzyheart. Again, I didn’t do anything with the crystal as it was just as quick to AoE 30 down by myself);
Will of the Titans (rinse and repeat. Same as the first – just AoE 50 down at once).

There is one ledge where a group stand in a circle – at loc 22,79 – (22 to be exact) watching two others fight. I tend to, as a druid, pop a starfall then hurricane and all 22 will be dead. The respawn rate is very fast, so you can kill 44 in quick time and then just do a quick small pull for the remaining six.

The “kill Frenzyheart” daily rewards 700 rep.
The “shiny crystals” daily rewards 500 rep.
The “song/drums” daily rewards 500 rep.
This gives a total of 1700 rep every day.

As you start at honoured with the Oracles, if you do your dailies every day it will take you 20 days to reach 999/1000.

The monetary rewards are also quite good – 12-16 gold per quest so a nice haul of about 45g daily.

And so ends my guide to Oracles rep!
I will be inserting some screenshots at some point soon as hopefully that should make things look a bit brighter!




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