OOO! Wild Growth News!

Keeva, over at the fabulous Tree Bark Jacket has posted that the word on the street is that the Wild Growth bug is finally fixed.

I spent a lonnnnnnng time thinking there was something wrong with my UI or my casting when I would be shift-right-clicking (my keybind for Wild Growth) on a target on pitbull and getting nothing. I noticed first in Razorscale – if I was the target for a fireball or the blue fire, she would appear as MY target although I probably wouldn’t notice, and then I’d try Wild Growth someone and it woudn’t work – as Razor was out of range, flapping about in the sky somewhere.

However! It wasn’t just me, the same thing was happening everywhere, for everyone, with out of range targets and dead targets too. Luckily it seems to have been fixed though, so yay for that.

Thanks for the tip, Keeva


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