Brewfest and Lagfest

Two things happening for Elsen in World of Warcraft at the moment.

One, it’s Brewfest. More about that later.

Secondly, Dalaran is a complete and utter lagfest. Now, when I first got my Alienware, I did not feel or experience even a second of lag in Dalaran. My latency stayed low, my FPS stayed high and I was a very happy bunny.

But recently, my lag in Dalaran has been awful. I am disconnecting almost every time I try and pass through the city. I know there are certain things I really should be doing to stop this, like flying into Krasus’ Landing or entering through the sewer pipe but my laptop is high end and these problems simply shouldn’t be happening.

I am going to hoover the fans tonight and see if that makes any difference…I don’t know why it would be it might help.

Anyhow, the more exciting topic of conversation is, at the moment, Brewfest.

There are lots of awesome guides about at the moment such as the one on WoWWiki ( and (which I still refer to as WoWInsider in my head –

I was online when it phased in at 11pm UK time, and managed to get the first bulk of the achievements done straight away. The one that involves fighting off the Dark Iron at set periods in time was hard because obviously the alcohol made my screen blurry and there were absolute shed loads of people trying to find the quest item. Eventually I got it though and that was another achievement out of the way.

To be honest a guide isn’t really necessary. Just run round the vendors and eat and drink everything they’ve got on offer and you’re sorted for the diet ones, and Coren was easy to kill with a group of 5.

I am having an issue with the tokens though. It seems that if I don’t pick up every single daily quest at ONCE, as soon as I embark on one, the others disappear. Looks like, therefore, I need to start work on the non-ram riding ones first. I think it may also be down to me removing the riding ram from myself…that could be the issue. I will try and sort that tonight if I can, not de-ramming myself and seeing if that helps.

I am actually a little worried I won’t manage to gather enough tokens for the outfit and the Brew of the Month form, I know I need 350 altogether (buy the outfit, get drunk, /dance and then sell the outfit and buy the application form/pink elekk) and at the moment I only have 130 odd. Worrying!

On re-reading the WoWhead guide (, it looks like I might be being utterly stupid and actually the one I’m seeing disappear is the “ram-run” for the brewery of the opposing side.

So…Brewfest. The ultimate festival for a lot of people in their quest for their violet proto-drake – for me, if I manage to complete Brewfest, it’ll be next year’s children’s week as I epically FAILED at managing Alterac Valley’s target for School of Hard Knocks.

Massive congratulations to all those who have completed Brewfest this year and got themselves the proto-drake, although all proto-drakes are inherently ugly, at least this one is a nice colour!

The only other thing I am majorly working on at the moment (I am simply slowly working up my Seals from the AT for the mounts now I have all available pets – 500 needed for the city ground mounts, 300 for the two flying mounts) is my Oracle rep. I am currently 10k into honoured, missing one quest from completing the “do all the different oracles quests” achievement, so another couple of days and then I’ll be revered.

Once revered I can start picking up my eggs until I get the lovely mount (you know what my RNG luck is like, it’ll be two years down the line before it hatches into a mount), and then hit Exalted another couple of weeks later and get myself the Mercenary of Sholozar achievement, and boost myself to 16 reps at exalted.

After that I will move on to the Kal’uak and start work on them – they have a rep based penguin pet which would be great to get.

Speaking of pets, I completed the Crocolisks in the City fishing daily yesterday and got Toothy again, so I had a nerd rage and logged out.

Hopefully it’ll be the quest again soon and I will have more luck at getting someone that’s NOT Toothy or Chuck!


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