New Blog!

Hello all!

My name is Sophie, but in this blog the people I will be discussing are Elsen – a level 80 night elf druid who likes to heal and occasioanly turn into a lazer chicken, Sapphrina – a levelling human paladin who follows the light whilst smacking things with a big hammer, Petranne – a levelling spacegoat hunter with a cat named Colin, Rafigia – a levelling death knight with a penchant for black clothing and glowing eyes, Baeletha – a levelling night elf priest who likes to heal but will be pewpewing her way up the levels and finally Schepa – a baby gnome warlock who may be replaced by a Worgen when Cataclysm comes OUT!


Currently the levels of these characters are:

Elsen: 80
Sapphrina: 53
Petranne: 26
Rafigia: 57
Baeletha: 1
Schepa: 1

I would ideally like to add that as a signature to each post that can be changed daily, or however often they level anyway!

This blog is to discuss my Warcraft trials and tribulations, be it achievement hunting and raiding on Elsen, levelling up the other girls, profession grinding, reputation grinding on Elsen, pet hunting, mount hunting….or anything else I can grind for!

I will also be linking to other guides and blogs, discussing warcraft news and tips, and hopefully in time building a nice little web-presence for my character team.

If anyone wants to find me to chat (or trade me that last horde pet I’m needing – the enchanted broom!) I am usually online nightly, my server is Terenas in the EU and I can almost ALWAYS be found on Elsen!

Hope to hear from you all soon!



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