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General Reputation Guide

This is going to be a quickfire reputation guide listing the available factions in the game, and whether rep is got through daily quests, items or instance runs.

It is only quick fire, and I hope to have more detailed information available soon for each of the factions, similar to my other available guides.

The link in the name of the faction takes you to the official WoW-Europe site, if one is available.
Under each section is a link to the WoWWiki and WoWhead guides. If anybody has a guide for getting to exalted with any of these factions let me know and I will link you in.


Wintersaber Trainers: Alliance only. Done through repeatable quests that vary on your own rep. level. Low drop rates, horrendous grind. Results in one mount, which is a feat of strength. The rough estimate, with solid grinding, is 42 hours of game time if you do this NON-stop, with each quest taking 15 minutes. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Cenarion Circle: Run AQ20 if you can. Twilight mobs in Silithus award rep when killed, and the base there has lots of rep awarding quests. There are some repeatable quests which include collecting bits of leather, metal, etc as “supplies”, or killing a certain number of mobs, but these are time consuming and not needed for the rep grind. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Darkmoon Faire: Worst. Grind. Ever. Will take an age. Involves collecting items for NPCs for the first rep level, then collecting slowly increasing tiers of bits and pieces. At friendly, start handing in decks of cards. These cna be made by inscribers. As a main point, please note this faction will probably cost you a fortune to grind. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Hydraxian Waterlords: Molten Core faction. Now possible with a couple of friends (or as many as you want) at level 80. Quite easy to reach honoured without grinding the more rare mobs in Silithus so don’t bother with that unless you really don’t think you’re going to be able to get MC runs going. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Shen’dralar: snooty guys that read a lot of books. Turn in your class specific book once and then the three available librams as many times as you want. They are unique though and you can only have one at once. Become an engineer when farming this rep, seriously. Access to a mailbox and a vendor will save masses of time. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Timbermaw Hold: mostly done through grinding bad furbolgs in Felwood or Winterspring. Winterspring also involves crossing paths with wintersaber faction grinders so Felwood may be slightly easier. Collect beads/feathers as you go, but don’t hand them in until you reach revered. You need 350 beads/feathers from the furbolgs in order to go from revered to exalted. Not a fun grind but not actually that long. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Zandalar Tribe: Zul’Gurub faction. Run ZG for rep, or buy the tokens that drop off mobs from the AH and hand them in. It is therefore more time consuming but certainly possible to get to exalted with never having set foot in the instance. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Thorium Brotherhood: repeatable hand ins, no limit daily. Low drop rate on items – often MC items like lava core’s, etc, or dark iron ore. Some easier to grind items such as incendosaur scales, can get you from neutral to friendly. Time taken will depend completely on drop rates. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Bloodsail Buccaneers: kill the dudes in Booty Bay. Lots. Forever. Just as a note, regrinding to exalted with the Cartel is an absolute ballache and you won’t be able to use any goblin flight paths until you are back to neutral and above with them again. You get a pirate hate and a title for doing this. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Ravenholdt: beware, unless you’re loaded or know a rogue. Kill syndicate until you are 11999/12000 honoured with them first. You will then need to hand in 2800 junkboxes to get from that point to exalted – 5 junkboxes is 75 rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Brood of Nozdormu: kick yourself off in Silithus with quests. Enter AQ40 and grind grind grind. You start at 0/36000 hated with this faction. A run of AQ40 will net you 8 or so insignia which are 500 rep each – so remember to loot every boss. After a certain level, only the last few boss kills actually give loot so it’s even more important to collect your insignia. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Argent Dawn: shedloads of quests in the plaguelands for AD rep. When you’ve run out of those, equip your trinket and just run stratholme or scholomance for scourgestones and rep from killing things. Not particularly difficult or time consuming, although the dungeons are a bit…depressing. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Steamwheedle Cartel (Ratchet, Booty Bay, Everlook and Gadgetzan): kill pirates. The pirates of a “home region” only get that region up to 11999/12000 honoured, so you will need to swap regions at least once – eg, kill ratchet pirates til 11999/12000 with ratchet, swap to BB and kill pirates til ratchet is exalted, then switch back to ratchet until other three factions are at exalted. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Burning Crusade:

With TBC came many more factions. A lot of these factions had their rep increased by multiple runs of heroic dungeons, easily duo-able or even soloable by experienced level 80s.

The Scale of the Sands: faction that is related to the Mount Hyjal raid. This is doable with ten to fifteen people at level 80, although possibly fewer. You get an upgradeable ring, similar to that gained from advancing your Brood of Nozdormu and Violet Eye rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Violet Eye: The faction relating to Karazhan. A ten man raid easily doable with fewer but fun and very fast to do with ten now. Some quests from the NPCs outside the doorway. Again, gives an upgradeable ring. Worth noting there is no relation between these mages and NPCs and the Violet Hold/Kirin Tor dudes in Dalaran. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Netherwing: a faction based in Shadowmoon Valley, you start off as hated and get switched to Neutral after a quest line. The grind is slow to go from neutral to exalted, but the rewards are awesome – a free netherdrake upon hitting exalted and then others are 200g each. You increase your rep by completing excruciatingly painful daily quests and trying to find netherdrake eggs. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Ashtongue Deathsworn: this faction relates to the Black Temple raid. Run the instance to get your rep up. The runs are actually quite lucrative, it doesn’t take that many to move upwards rep wise. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Consortium: an awesome faction of shady dealers and vendors. These ethereals have their own heroic instance – Mana Tombs – which can be run for rep. Mobs in the instance, Netherstorm and some in Blade’s Edge also drop Ethereum Prison Keys. Use these to unlock purple orb prisons in Netherstorm. Kill the mob inside the prison for yet more rep. You can also hand in ogre beads from ogres in Nagrand for more Consortium rep, although these may be better spent on Kurenai/Mag’har rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Keepers of Time: Linked to the Scale of the Sands faction, this group is located inside the Caverns of Time. Run the Escape from Durnholde and Black Morass dungeons to increase your KoT rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Kurenai/Mag’har: The two Nagrand factions. Each one has a base you can complete quests for which should put you some way into honoured. Kill many many ogres and hand in ogre beads to get yourself to exalted. They also have some awesome talbulks to ride as a reward for hitting exalted. Kurenai rep can also be got from quests in Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh. WoWWiki (Kurenai), WoWhead (Kurenai), WoWWiki (Mag’har), WoWhead (Mag’har).

Honor Hold/Thrallmar: The first Outland faction you will encounter once through the Dark Portal. Rep here comes from the Hellfire Citadel dungeons (Blood Furnace, Ramparts, Shattered Halls et al) and general Hellfire Peninsula quests. There is also a PvP daily. WoWWiki (Honor Hold), WoWhead (Honor Hold), WoWWiki (Thrallmar), WoWhead (Thrallmar).

Cenarion Expedition: The other arm of the Cenarion team. Some quests in Borean Tundra in Northrend reward CE rep, tons in Zangarmarsh do (they have an outpost there), and other little units across Northrend, such as one in Hellfire have druid NPCs. You can also get rep by handing in Unidentified Plant Parts and Coilfang Armaments up to exalted and run Slave Pens, Steamvault and Underbog on heroic. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Sporeggar: awesome faction, awesome tabard. Little…alien dudes with a base in Western Zangarmarsh. Being exalted with them also awards a tiny sporebat pet. They have two main repeatable quests to get yourself to exalted. Collect sanguine hibiscus from mobs in Coilfang instances and hand those in for rep. If you don’t want to run an instance, there is a naga killing quest that rewards 750 rep a run. Nice and easy although very tedious. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Ogri’la: your rep with Ogri’la will go up if you grind Sha’tari Skyguard rep. I would recommend completing the S. Skyguard grind and then just doing the Ogri’la dailies until exalted as you should be some way into revered by that point. Their base is in Blade’s Edge Mountains and quest chains unlock more of the NPCs as you go on. WoWWiki, WoWhead

The Scyrers/Aldor: these are the two Shattrah city warring factions, each with quests in the city but more in Shadowmoon Valley. There are lots of quests there that will increase your rep, but once you have done them all you can grind rep by handing in Sunfury Rings/Signets and Arcane Tomes that drop of mobs on Quel’Denas and the TK instances for Scryer rep, and marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments that drop of Auchindoun mobs to increase Aldor rep. All those rep items can be bought from the AH. WoWWiki (Scryers), WoWhead (Scryers), WoWWiki (Aldor), WoWhead (Aldor).

Lower City: Lower City rep can be increased by running three out of the four Auchindoun instances (Shadow Labs gives the most rep), and by completing the many quests given by Lower City NPCs. You can also hand in arakkoa feathers until you reach honoured. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Sha’tar: increase your rep with this faction through quests from the NPCs and by running the three TK instances, Botanica, Mechanar and Arcatraz. Botanica is really, really quick to run through. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Sha’tari Skyguard: If you want to ride around on a sting ray, this faction is for you. Tedious, tedious daily quests in Terrokar and Blade’s Edge will give you Skyguard rep. This is one of the longest grinds. WoWWiki, WoWhead

Shattered Sun Offensive: I have actually written a full detailed guide to getting exalted with SSO you can find here. Dailies on the Isle of Quel’Denas and spread across Outland can get you from friendly to exalted in a short period of time. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Wrath of the Lich King

The most recent expansion in WoW. Rep for a lot of factions comes from running heroic dungeons with tabards.

Knights of the Ebon Blade: rep gained from a base camp of quests in South-Eastern Zul’Drak and then a large hub in Icecrown which includes some awesome phasing. Equip the tabard and run heroics – any heroics – to get to exalted. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Kalu’ak: guide to getting exalted with the Kal’uak available on my site here. They have three base camps across Northrend, connected by giant turtle boats. Takes about 3 weeks. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Sons of Hodir: epic questline that takes you from hated upwards through the Storm Peaks. Then reach exalted (essential for raiders – shoulder enchant comes from here) by doing sexual innuendo filled quests. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Kirin Tor: quests everywhere (inc. Dalaran) willl give you rep for these guys, including the cooking daily. Again you can equip a tabard and run heroics to get yourself to exalted. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Wyrmrest Accord: quests in Dragonblight around the temple will give you Wyrmrest rep, there are lots and lots. Also this is another faction where equipping a tabard and running heroics will get you rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Argent Crusade: quests based in Icecrown and Zul’Drak will give you Argent Crusade rep. Again you can use a tabard to get rep through dungeons. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Alliance Vanguard: the overarching faction of the alliance forces in Northrend, quests that gave expedition rep etc will give half that rep also to the Vanguard. Remove any tabard and run a heroic to get Vanguard rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Valiance Expedition: base camps scattered across Northrend reward expedition rep, and there are lots of daily quests that also award rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead

The Silver Covenant: military faction. Complete Argent Tournament dailies to grind up your S.C. rep very quickly. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

Explorer’s League: a “new” faction although NPCs have been around for ages. They have one daily quest you would need to do 137 times to reach exalted. Good luck with that… WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Frostborn: a mini dwarf faction in Storm Peaks. Complete their quest hub then the one daily for rep. After patch 3.3, completing a heroic without a tabard will contribute to Frostborn rep as well as Vanguard rep. WoWWiki, WoWhead.

The Oracles/Frenzyheart Tribe: Dual factions in Sholozar Basin. Pretty easy to swap between the two, and being exalted with the Oracles gives you the chance to earn a green protodrake. Read my guide to getting exalted with the Oracles here. WoWWiki (Oracles), WoWhead (Oracles), WoWWiki (Frenzyheart), WoWhead (Frenzyheart).

And here endeth the blog post!



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Just A Quick Update…

Apologies for radio silence over the past week.
I’ve been away as it’s been my birthday.

I just want to mention now (I haven’t got time for a full blog post but should have later in the afternoon), that I’ve blocked public access to my personal blog.
This isn’t to stop people reading it. I don’t mind that people do, I like that people do.
But when thinking about my own digital footprint I realise having personal details about my life open access probably isn’t the most appropriate. However. I have between 20 and 60 views a day. I currently have four people on my “allowed” to view list.
If you do want to look at it, all you need is your WordPress username. If you do want to keep viewing, just send me an email with the username and I’ll add it to the list and you can keep on reading.

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Vanity Pets: Quick Collection Guide

Vanity pets are one of the many things within World of Warcraft I obsess over. I am waiting with eager anticipation for the next achievement tier to be released and with it (hopefully) the faction specific pets – the baby gryphon and baby windrider. Please note that is pure speculation on my part.

This aims to be a quick guide to collecting mini pets as an alliance character. This means the Argent Tournament Pets are different and the vendor bought pets from the Alliance cities will need to be bought from the AH if you are a horde player. There are horde vendors who sell most of what needs to be bought on the AH by ally characters. I am also an EU server player, so any pets exclusive to China or the American servers, for example, will appear in the “unobtainable” section.

If you want to skip to a particular part of the guide, use the clickable list here:

Part 1: Basic Buyable Pets


Sixx in the Exodar (located at about 30, 34 in The Crystal Hall) sells 3 moths, each for 50 silver. These are the Blue Moth, Yellow Moth and White Moth.

*Total Spent: 1g50s*

Next stop: Darnassus. Shylenai just outside the main city grounds (69, 45) sells two owls, the Great Horned Owl and the Hawk Owl, both for 50 silver.

*Total Spent: 2g50s*

Magus Tirth, in the Shimmering Flats, sells the Ancona Chicken for 1g.

*Total Spent: 3g50s*

Eastern Kingdoms:

Elwynn Forest. Donni Anthania, located at 44, 53, sells four cat carriers, the Bombay, the Cornish Rex, the Orange Tabby and the Silver Tabby. Each costs 40s.

*Total Spent: 5g10s*

Lil Timmy, in Stormwind (click the WoWhead link for his patrol) spawns every few hours to sell the White Kitten pet. This can go for a lot more at the AH than you buy it for originally (60 silver). He only carries one! Once it’s bought, he despawns.

*Total Spent: 5g70s*

Dun Morogh. Yarlyn Amberstill, at 63, 51 sells the crate for the Snowshoe Rabbit, for just 20 silver.

*Total Spent: 5g90s*

Go to Stranglethorn Vale and buy the Cockatiel and the Senegal Parrot from Narkk in Booty Bay.

*Total Spent: 6g70s*


Once you are exalted with Sporeggar, you can buy a Tiny Sporebat from Mycah (18,51 in Zangarmarsh). It costs 30 Glowcaps, which are collected from the zone.

*Total Spent: 6g70s & 30 Glowcaps*

Once exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard, you can buy a Nether Ray Fry from Grella in Terrokar (64,66) for 40 gold.

*Total Spent: 45670s & 30 Glowcaps*

Dealer Rashaad in Netherstorm sells lots of pets, including the Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling (10g), Brown Rabbit (10g), Siamese Cat (60s), Cockroach (50s), Crimson Snake (50s), Mana Wyrmling (40g), and the Red Moth (10g).

*Total Spent: 118g30s & 30 Glowcaps*


Once exalted with the Kal’uak you can buy Pengu from Tanaika in Howling Fjord (also in Dragonblight).

*Total Spent: 130g30s & 30 Glowcaps*

Become a Champion of the 5 home cities to buy the 5 alliance pets from the city vendors in the ally tent at the Argent Tournament in Icecrown. You can buy the Ammen Vale Lashling, Dun Morogh Cub, Elwynn Lamb, Mechanopeep and Teldrassil Sproutling, each for 40 seals.

Once you are exalted with the Silver Covenant faction, you can buy a Shimmering Wyrmling for 40 seals too, also at the Argent Tournament.

*Total Spent: 130g30s, 30 Glowcaps and 240 Champion’s Seals*

Breanni in Dalaran sells the Obsidian Hatchling for 50g and Darahir in the Sewer sells the Ghostly Skull for 40g.

*Total Spent: 220g30s, 30 Glowcaps and 240 Champion’s Seals*

Finally, you can buy two frog pets, a Wood Frog and a Tree Frog, from Flik, a Darkmoon Faire vendor. They both cost 1g.

*Total Spent: 222g30s, 30 Glowcaps and 240 Champion’s Seals*

Part 2: Pets collected by completing quests:

You will receive your Argent Squire on completion of the quest A Champion Rises in the Argent Tournament. The person who gives you this quest will depend on your home city. The squire is a small human child (orc for the Horde I think) who follows you around looking stupid.

Heading to Darkmoon Faire with some booze (Dark Iron Ale) can net you a Jubling after you complete the Spawn of JubJub quest.

Three horrendous chicken hunting quests (kill mobs in Feralas, The Hinterlands and Tanaris until a “beacon” drops, find the dead chicken, escort the dead chicken home), will result in you being able to get your very own mechanical chicken from Booty Bay.

Complete the very amusing CLUCK! quest in Westfall to grab your own Westfall Chicken.

If you feel up to entering Blackrock Depths, you can get your own Worg Pup (from quest Kibler’s Exotic Pets) and Smoulderweb Hatchling (from quest En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why).

Complete the Becoming a Parent quest line in Feralas for your very own (very cute) Sprite Darter.

In Terrokar, in Outland, complete the Skywing questline to get Miniwing, a cool looking parrot.

Finally, complete the horribly arduous “Higher Learning” questline in Dalaran to be rewarded with the Kirin Tor Familiar.

Part 3: Player Made:

If you have engineering you can make 5 different pets. These are the Lifelike Toad (requires 265), Lil’ Smoky (requires 205), Mechanical Squirrel (requires 205), Pet Bombling (requires 205) and Mechanical Yeti (a special quest at the of the mechanical yeti questline in Winterspring just for engineers. The recipe itself requires engineering 250).

TWO of these (Lil’Smoky and the Pet Bombling) are BoP, meaning you MUST have engineering in order to acquire the pets. The other three can be bought off the Auction House if you are not an engineer.

Part 4: Drops (or ones you’re too lazy to grind for and buy off the Auction House)

Most of the pets that are drops are rare, some incredibly so. Prices can vary between 500g for the whelplings and 3000 gold for the oozling. Check the AH on your own server and do what you think is best – grind or buy.

The Azure Whelpling drops off dragonkin in Azshara, at about a 1 in 1000 drop chance. Azshara is being reshaped when Cataclysm hits – it is unknown as to whether this will mean the pet is no longer achievable.

The Crimson Whelpling drops from red dragonkin in the Wetlands. The drop rate is also about 1 in 1000.

Dragon number three, the Dark Whelpling, drops at 1 in 1000 from black dragonkin in Dustwallow Marsh.

The final whelpling, the Emerald Whelpling, also has a 1 in 1000 drop rate from green dragonkin in the Swamp of Sorrows.

The four cheapest to buy, and easiest to grind, vanity pets are those that drop out of the cracked egg you receive once a week once exalted with the Oracles faction. These pets are the Tickbird Hatchling (1 in 5), White Tickbird Hatchling (1 in 5), Cobra Hatchling (1 in 5) and Proto-Drake Whelp (1 in 10).

The raptor pets are a recent addition to the game, some easier to find that others.

Dart spawns in Dustwallow Marsh (circling around 48,17) every 5 to 8 hours and always drops the Darting Hatchling.

The Deviate Hatchling is a 1 in 1000 drop from the raptors in Wailing Caverns.

The Gun’drak Hatchling is a 1 in 1000 drop from the raptors in Zul’Drak.

Takk the Leaper (4 – 6 hours spawn time) always drops the Leaping Hatchling. He patrols the north eastern part of the Barrens, around 60, 10.

The Ravasaur Matriarch that spawns every 6 – 8 hours in Un’Goro drops the Ravasaur Hatchling, 100% of the time.

At 69,29 in the Wetlands the rare spawn Razormaw Matriarch drops the Razormaw Hatchling. She spawns every 5 – 8 hours.

The Razzashi Raptors have a 1 in 1000 chance of dropping the Razzashi Hatchling. They are in Zul’Gurub.

The Phoenix Hatchling is a 1 in 16 drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider in Magister’s Heroic. He is currently almost impossible to solo on heroic difficulty.

The Firefly is one of the rarest drop pets in game, it has a drop rate of 1 in 1,500 from Bogflare Needlers in Zangarmarsh.

The Disgusting Oozling, even more rare with a drop rate of 1 in 2,125, can go for 3000 gold or more on the Auction House. It is contained in 1 out of 85 Oozing Bags, which are a 1 in 25 drop off any “ooze” mobs across Azeroth.

Fishing in schools in Terrokar may, if you are very lucky, net you a Magical Crawdad box which may, if you are very lucky, net you a Magical Crawdad crab pet. 1 in 500 fishing casts rewards a Mr. Pinchy wish box, and 1 out of every 5 wishes is the chance of being rewarded with the crawdad pet.

The Giant Sewer Rat is a 1 in 1000 chance pet that can appear when you fish in the Dalaran sewers.

The Green Wing Macaw is a common drop from the Deadmines instance, with a roughly 1 in 50 drop rate.

Mojo is a frog that “drops” in Zul Aman. 1 in every 50 hexes removed from frogs will result in you getting a Mojo, and the Amani Hex Sticks that you need to remove the hexes are a 40% – ish drop from trash in the instance.

The rarest drop as far as vanity pets go is the Hyacinth Macaw. It is dropped from the pirates in Stranglethorn Vale, and has a drop rate of 1 in 5000.

Part 5: Quests that MIGHT drop a pet!

The fishing quests at both Outland level and Northrend can drop pets.

At Outland, the now incredibly buffed Bag of Fishing Treasures can drop one of four baby crocolisks if you are lucky enough to get the Crocolisks in the City daily. The bag may contain Muckbreath, Toothy, Snarly or Chuck.

The fishing quest in Northrend rewards a bag of treasures which has a (roughly) 1 in 100 chance of dropping a Strand Crawler.

Part 6: Buyable Only

The Black Tabby Cat can be farmed by horde but only bought by alliance, as the mobs you need to farm are friendly towards alliance characters. The Sprite Darter is the alliance equivalent of this. The price for this will vary, server to server.

There are lots of pets that are cheap for horde to buy but involve either cross faction trading (find someone friendly on the horde side!) or buying from the AH. Prices vary massively from a few gold for the common pets to up to 1000 gold for the horde faction Argent Tournament pets. For the Tournament pets I would recommend, if you can, finding a pet collector horde side to do a straight swap with you, 5 for 5. It’s what I did and it was very smooth.

The full listing is as follows (AT after a name denotes an Argent Tournament pet):

Black Kingsnake, Brown Prairie Dog, Brown Snake, Crimson Snake, Durotar Scorpion (AT), Enchanted Broom (AT), Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling, Mulgore Hatchling (AT), Red Dragonhawk Hatchling, Sen’jin Fetish (AT), Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling and Tirisfal Batling (AT)

Part 7: Pets Related to World Events

Lots of the events reward vanity pets.

Children’s Week will essentially award you three pets annually for the first and second year you do it (presuming you are starting from November 2009, are level 75 or above and haven’t done it before), and then 2 pets on your third year.

The possible pets you can choose are:

An oracle hatchling or wolvar pup for completing Back to the Orphanage (minimum level 75, quest giver is in Dalaran).

At level 65 and above you can complete the Shattrah version of Back to the Orphanage and you will be rewarded with Willy, Egbert or Peanut.

And at level 10 or above, from Stormwind, you can complete A Warden of the Alliance to get Mr. Wiggles, Speedy or Whiskers.

Winter’s Veil.

Lots of pets to be acquired purely through Lady RNG here. Father Winter’s Helper (1 in 4 chance of dropping), Tiny Snowman (1 in 4), Winter Reindeer (1 in 4) and Winter’s Little Helper (1 in 4) can all drop from the Gaily Wrapped Presents you find under the Christmas trees.


You can buy the Spring Rabbit for 100 chocolate eggs during Noblegarden, but it does also have a 1 in 100 chance of dropping from opening an egg.

Hallow’s End:

You can receive the Sinister Squashling from defeating the Headless Horseman during Hallow’s End. The drop rate has been greatly buffed, it’s now at around 1 in 20. It can also be found in the trick or treat bags you acquire from Innkeepers or the Crudely Wrapped Gifts acquired from the Hallows End quest.

Midsummer: The Scorchling is dropped by Lord Ahune, the boss in the Slave Pens, during Midsummer. His drop rate is 1 in 65.

During Midsummer, if you complete enough daily quests, you can buy a Spirit of Summer for 350 blossoms.


You can buy two pets during Brewfest. The Wolpertinger can be bought for juts 50 silver from the vendors, and the Pint Sized Pink Pachyderm costs 100 Brewfest tokens (got through doing daily quests).

Pilgrim’s Bounty:

The new holiday based around Thanksgiving rewards a Plump Turkey on completion of the meta achievement.

Love Is In The Air:

The last event based pet is Peddlefeet, who only has a 1 in 75 drop rate during a 6 day event!

Part 8: Real Money! – TCG loot cards and Blizzard Store pets.

In a few of the TCG expansions loot cards have been included that have given you an in-game pet.

Some of these are now so rare they are non-existant, and can go for lots of real money (the values I have given are the averages on eBay as of 24/11/2009).

These include Bananas ($50 – $65), the Dragon Kite ($135 – $150), Ethereal Soul Trader ($180 – $200), Hippogryph Hatchling ($70) and the Rocket Chicken ($70).

There are two new pets incoming with the new Scourgewar expansion; the Spectral Tiger Cub and Tuskarr Kite.

Since very-recently (I’m not good with dates), you have been able to buy two pets on the Blizzard website, for $10 or £9. These are the Pandaren Monk and Lil’ KT. These are both BoA items.

Every player that did the compulsory switch to Battle net during November 2009 also received the Mr. Chilly penguin pet.

Part 9: Achievements

There are currently two pets awarded for achievements in pet collecting. These are Stinker, a reward for collecting 50 pets and the achievement “Shop Smart, Shop Pet… Smart” and the Little Fawn, the reward for the 75 pet achievement Lil Game Hunter.

Part 10: Hard to Obtain in November 2009

This is a listing of the pets that are hard to obtain in 2009 – ie possible, but would probably cost you lots and lots of money!

The first set of these are those associated to the Collector’s editions of the WoW game and expansions. These are:

the Zergling, Panda Cub and Mini Diablo were rewards from buying the original WoW game as a collector’s edition. You had to choose one of the three pets.

The Netherwhelp was the worldwide reward for buying the Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition. Some European customers didn’t receive their Netherwhelp pet at first, so EU players were compensated by also receiving Lurky, a peach coloured murloc.

Finally, the Collector’s Edition of Wrath if the Lich King rewarded Frosty.

Gurky is an unknown here. He is limited to EU servers (yay!) and is a reward for competing in fan competitions. The frequency that he is given out is a total unknown.

Part 11: Impossible to Obtain in November 2009

Finally this section includes those pets that are impossible to obtain at this period in time. This includes pets open only to those playing in the USA or China, as well as pets rewarded for specific in-game events.

Pets from specific in game events include the two given for the 4 year and now 5 year anniversary of WoW. During the 3rd week in November of 2008, all characters that logged on were given a Bind on Account pet – the Baby Blizzard Bear.

All those that log on during this week in November 2009 (starting November 22nd), will receive an Onyxian Whelpling. This will also become unobtainable after the birthday celebrations end.

Those that took part in the Winter’s Veil celebrations in 2007 received the Clockwork Rocket Bot.

During the Beijing Olympics in 2008, players that took part in battlegrounds had the chance to receive the Spirit of Competition dragon pet.

During the Scourge Invasion event pre-release of WotLK, players that ran Karazhan would receive the Vampiric Batling after defeating Tenris Mirkblood.

Those who attend Blizzard conferences and invitationals have also almost always received a mini pet. The Worldwide Invitational in 2007 gave players Lucky, the yellow pig and 2008 gifted players with the Mini Tyrael. Blizzcon 2005 gave Murky the murloc, and 2009 gave Grunty, the Murloc Marine.

Participating in 200 3v3 Arena Tournament games in 2009 gifted players with Murkimus the Gladiator, another baby murloc.

Some pets are unachieveable by all those living in the EU region. These include the Essence of Competition (a Beijing Olympics event pet rewarded to Chinese players) and the Jade Tiger (a new pet given to Chinese players as compensation for the realms being offline for a long time). Chinese players also had the chance to collect Poley, the Tiny Green Dragon and Tiny Red Dragon, from iCoke promotionals.

The Silver Pig and Golden Pig are also presumed to be China only pets, acquired sometime during the Spring/Lunar Festival.

Pets awarded to players on the US realms include the Warbot (a Mountain Dew soft drink in-game pet).


And that’s my complete guide to where and how you can collect the 146 vanity pets in the World of Warcraft.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and wish you the best of luck pet hunting!

If you want to take a look at my collection, it’s available here.


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Elsen’s WoW Hall of Fame

This is a post inspired by my thoughts on last weeks Blog Azeroth shared topic.

As you all know, my thought process is rambling, confusing and to be frankly a bit shoddy. After reading a lot of the negative (and the positive) posts about both the state of WoW and the uproar surrounding ICC’s gating system, I got thinking about how I saw/see WoW, what I take from the game and what I give to it.

I realised that the game is great fun. The raids are fun, the achievements are fun, the heroics are fun, the levelling is fun. But what makes this computer game special for me is the company. Some of it is exceptional, and I’ve met some very special people in my 2 years playing.

This is going to be a chronological Hall of Fame…

Most of the people here are just ordinary players, not bloggers or anything, so it’s just going to be an armoury link unless I specify otherwise so feel free not to click.
I just quite like having links…

Balthuris and Tyrest (one a member of a raiding guild, one who no longer plays) were my two friends from level 15 to level 40. They levelled up as feral whereas I bounced along as balance, throwing them some heals. We tore up Darkshore and Ashenvale together, even hitting Stonetalon Mountains and STV as a thressome.
We weren’t guilded together at the time but we played together almost all of the time. I loved their company and I loved playing with them, I felt like I was really part of a team. They were my first introduction into the social side of WoW, and as all three of us really were TOTAL noobs, with only Balth having playing any MMORPG before, we had a brilliant time.
When I joined the now disbanded Knights of the Crusade in the mid level 40s, I joined Ty and Balth in their guild. I carried on slowly slowly levelling up, and when, after a three month summer break I hit 70, I was at a bit of a loss.
That’s where I came into contact with a few other people who had been 70 for longer, in my guild.
Rosiah was this mad little Mancunian dude who first introduced me to a heroic instance (it was Shadow Labs, and I was still a moonkin), with another guildie of ours, Baruch. They introduced me to end-game, slowly slowly, taking me through heroics and showing me the ropes, and we became a bit of a team when I respecced to being a healer. We drafted in a lovely lady called Soph, who became one of my closest friends and our pocket tank.
We were a real posse of people, ready made for any obstacle!
Ros taught me how to play, Soph became my first in-game girly friend, and Bar essentially became my psychiatrist. We used to joke that what he charges average people £90 an hour for, I used to get free.
I miss them all dreadfully, especially as their playtimes have greatly reduced.

Fast forward to just before the released of Lich King. KotC combusted, and Rosiah moved to a guild called Justice League. I followed him there, and Baruch and Soph both followed me. In JL I met Lilleth and Sizu, who became real life friends of mine.
I raided Naxxramas for the first time, under the fantastic leadership of my then GM, Psidium. One of the players I truly have the most respect and the most time for.

Around this time I started to research further into WoW, read up on my class, do some research and work, discovered Resto4Life and other fab druid blogs such as Leafshine, 4healz and HoTs Tree.

Just before Justice League imploded I left for Flames of the Phoenix, my permanent WoW home. I was welcomed into the fold by some fantastic players, including the fab GM, Meylenne.

I raided with them for a little while, but moved back into what was Justice League’s “new” guild, led by Psidium. Respice Finem. Social loyalties pushed me into moving there, and it was a bad decision to make, but one that I rectified a few months later. Whilst in Respice, I met two absolutely unbelievable people. Zalduun, also known as Lewis or more affectionately “squish”, found me by commenting on my blog (the personal one). I bond of mutual abuse and adoration developed, and he is luckily guilded with me now. I love playing with him. I love the support I get from him, the friendship, the companionship, everything. I don’t know what I’d do if he stopped playing really. Even if he does play a bloody space goat.
During my time in Respice, I also met Hannah, known as Jaedia to me or Fae to others, fantastic blogger and author of The Lazy Sniper. Someone else I feel close to and whose friendship I wouldn’t want to be without.
I moved back to Flames and was once again welcomed back to the guild by the guild.
Since I’ve come back to Flames I’ve made a couple of really really good friends, in particular my raid leader Nyo, who sits and keeps me company day in day out at work, makes me smile and listens to me ramble on for hours on end, answering all my questions with incredible patience. I also enjoy spending my WoW time with Mike, gossiping with Tag and nattering with the many others who make my WoW time the fun it is.

I think the point of this post shows that the relationships within Azeroth that I’ve developed have lasted with me and some of them (and hopefully some more will in the future) persisted into the non-internet world that sometimes get’s called Real Life.

I don’t know what I’d do without my friends in game, and I’ll just say to all of those who sometimes get down with the game, depressed about it’s direction, think about the people you’ve met, friendships and even relationships you too have formed, and whether those make the fact you can’t kill Arthas on 3.3 release day really is that bad.

For now,

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Best Change in the Game…

Ok, I know I’m a week behind but bear with me peoples I have a lot on right now!

The site redesign is stalled until I can find a way of converting my lovely new header and whatnot into wordpress friendly formats and until my lovely web-boy gets back from his week long drinking binge and can help me out!

Anyway. I have been lacking somewhat and am actually a week behind but as I love the topic so much I am still going to post on last weeks Blog Azeroth shared topic.

It was suggested by HoTs and DoTs, a website I’ve spotlighted and mentioned a few times.

If you want to scroll past my random splurge of brain matter about the ICC debate, and the “level” of WoW in the world now, please click here.

I’ve not been playing WoW anywhere near as long as a lot of people, but I feel like while I have been playing I have been through a variety of different stereotypes. I have been the total noob (don’t get me started on what happened to my level 16 human mage, my very “first” WoW character…), my sporadic smattering of talent points, and my “oo! that has the most armour that’s the bit I want to wear!” attitude towards gear up until the mid 40s.

I have been the casual level 70 – dailies, the odd heroic, barely logging on.

I have been the slow, slow leveller from 71-80, watching an entire guild pass me by.

From Christmas 08 to April 09, I was what I would define as a hardcore raider (in comparison to my own standards – something for another post at another time, I feel).

And now, I am a…raider. I am a lover of achievements, of alts, of “completion”, of raids, of heroics, of meeting people, of making friends, of the relationships I’ve forged outside of the game, or the friendships I wouldn’t want to be without, of everything and anything WoW related.

I am a massive fan of Blizzard. I realise that yes, sometimes they get things wrong. But my god, look at what they’ve got right. For me, they provide a hobby, a source of fun, a source of competition, a source of enjoyment, a source of friends, a source of laughter.

I understand that things may not be fit for purpose for a lot of people, but I feel incredibly lucky that they are fit for purpose for me. And you know what, sometimes they may not be.

I felt more than a little disgruntled when I was in full Best-in-Slot gear during the times when Naxxramas was the only raid. About a week before 3.1 hit, I looked the business, in WoW terms. And then everything I’d worked for became irrelevant. In my own, personal blog, I documented the day I got the first Torch of Holy Fire for our guild. A couple of weeks later, Ulduar dropped and I was no longer a raider. I saw everyones gear shoot straight past my own, people were talking about triumph badges suddenly, when I only had a couple of conquest.

But equalisation will always happen in WoW. And in some ways I am grateful. For me to go from a total noob to a raider in a year, and to be able to succeed – if they hadn’t made WoW the game it is today, through it;s many, many evolutions, I probably wouldn’t be able to be.

A lot of debate has raged over this particular topic recently, accidentally possibly sparked off by the lovely Leafshine, whose blog I always enjoy reading. I think I probably fall closest to him in my opinion but my playstyle probably falls closest to his too.

I’m rambling, and going totally off topic, but I feel it fits well. Changes made by the game designers and developers cause masses of debate on a day to day basis by the bloggers in the WoW community – just take a look at the tons of posts there are about the new gating system for Icecrown. That’s a change that’s caused masses amount of upheaval and dispute and general debate by bloggers worldwide.

Changes are totally subjective. The way Naxx unlocked was totally different to the way ICC will unlock. Some people prefer it one way, some people prefer it the other. To me…when it comes to dungeons and raids, it simply doesn’t really matter. I realise it’s intensely important. I know, fmor my guild forums, it’s important to some of my friends and colleagues in Flames. But the changes that matter to me are most definitely different to the changes that matter to other people. Really, Cass and Lathere did it best with their post here.

So, here are my best changes in game.

  1. Reputation from killing creatures does not decrease when they are “greyed out”. As a lover of reputations and achievements, I like the fact that rep grinds are much easier than they used to be. I realise that this makes it a lot easier for me than it has been for other people, but it is certainly good for me!
  2. Add-ons. I played without a single add-on from level 1 to 70. Mainly because I had accidentally divided my hard drive and had WoW saved to two places. Don’t ask how I did it, because I don’t know. I also don’t know what add-ons were around in the past/present, what have you. But for me, using add-ons is fabulous. I have progressed from healbot to using pitbull and clique, which I love, and I love being able to fiddle around with and play around with my UI. It’s lots of fun and there are now some I wouldn’t want to live without – atlasloot, or even atlas. AutoProfit and AuroRepair are two tiny things that make a world of difference to my playing experience. Multishot is my favourite add-on of all time though, by far.
  3. The achievement system. This is both a bad thing and a good. It caters to my obsessive personality, gives me things to track, things to work on, things to work towards, and I get a massive sense of satisfaction when I complete something awesome, even if all I get as a reward are essentially ten useless points. It’s a bad thing because it just makes me spend more time on WoW!, but overall it’s great for me because it’s opened up a whole other aspect and angle for me to enjoy WoW with.

I think for me, for now, that’s it.

WoW is full of countless things that have made my life better – mostly illustrated by HoTs and DoTs – vanity pets and mounts being in a tab, for example. Mana biscuits (exploding strudels, as we call them) – om nom nom.

I’m just very grateful to Blizzard for making the game at all.

When I think about the experiences, the gaming, the learning, the friends, the people…especially the people – I wouldn’t have come into contact with without this game.

I think I am incredibly lucky to play. This neatly intertwines with the shared topic I didn’t feel up to commenting on, about relationships within Azeroth.

If I look back on the past two years of my WoW gaming, I realise that there are a few things I wouldn’t ever want to have not experienced.

Thinking about this has put me into a bit of a spiral of thoughts, and I’ve decided to document what I’m going to call my WoW Hall of Fame.
Check it out here.

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How To: Be the Last Person in the WORLD to be Exalted with SSO…

I am probably the last person on my server to get to exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive.

When I log on, complete my Argent Tournament dailies, slowly plod through Dalaran at 1 disconnect per second to the Shatt portal, check the fishing daily (WTB last crocolisk!) and then take the next portal to Quel’Danas, I prepare myself for what is essentially a very quick set of dailies. I always, out of curiosity, check out my /who for the area.

Every day that I’ve been on the island except for ONE (where I was joined by a level 74 warlock, apparently – although I never saw him), I have been the sole alliance player on there. A few days ago, I saw three PvP flagged level 70-odd horde. Did they think I was stupid? I get OWNED in PvP.

I love it, but I get owned. I’m not going to take anybody on. Especially when that anybody is a beefy looking (no pun intended) Tauren shaman with two of his busom buddies in the wings.

Anyway, Quel’Danas.

The faction itself, the island and the accompanying raid were added as the last major content patch before Lich King, 2.4.0.

I wasn’t even level 70 then, so I only managed the dailies once or twice during my time at 70, and even then it was when I could piggyback along with a pure DPS friend – as a healing tree with +healing rather than simply spell power, I was weak at DPS. Very, very weak.

Dual-speccing does mean, however, that I can now manage these dailies with ease. That and the fact I’m ten levels higher than the mobs themselves.

When the patch itself came out, not all NPCs and quests were available, but the SSO area will now be fully launched on your server and therefore you will be able to access all NPCs and all quests.

There are two different sets of quests. I am inherently lazy, and therefore the only quests I do are the ones I don’t have to leave the island for. This does mean I miss out a fair few dailies every day, but the time saved is in my opinion worth it. I will cover all the dailies though, in case you do have a bit of extra time and you’re feeling particularly over-zealous.

There are 11 dailies available on the island itself. Point 1 – if you’re grinding this at 80, remember to turn your low-level quest tracker on.

I would recommend picking ALL the quests up at once (just run around the courtyard section and grab them all), then following the guide below for the way in which to do them).

Your Continued Support is clearly the easiest quest. Pay 10 gold to the Draenei asking for cash in the main courtyard for 150 rep.

The most annoying pair of quests are

Disrupt the Greengill Coast and Don’t Stop Now. For these two, you slip through the gap (there is a path) between buildings on the eastern side of the island and reach some naga. The female naga drop and “Orb of Murloc Control” and the male drop keys for Daggerspine chests. The drop rates for these vary. This quest gives you 250 rep.

When you right click an orb, you will check a green runic circle like you do when casting an AoE spell like Hurricane for druids. Target this over as MANY baby murloc as possible (I can sometimes get 5 in one go, if not, four is definitely possible) and click it. The orb will break, the murlocs will turn red, be released and start bring a world of pain on the the nearest naga. You need to release ten of the babies. This quest gives

The drop rate on the chest keys seems to be a bit lower, but three keys for three of the tiny sparkling chests will unlock to give you the three pieces of Daggerspine ore. This quest also nets you 250 rep.

Whilst in this area, run a little bit further south for the shrine reading for the quest Know Your Ley Lines. Right clicking the pale blue crystal in your inventory will “read” this ley line, and as level 80 you should just be able to circumnavigate the swimming naga and just take the reading.

Run back to the main area and across to the Western, grassy hills of the island. Here you can complete three of the quests. Kill the gross, zombie half elf guys moaning in Thalassian until they drop four mana remnants. These are green piles of dust similar in look to the fertile spores you get off things in Zangarmarsh. The drop rate is mediocre, wowhead says it’s about 30% which is probably about right. I tend to use my Starfall spell here and try and aggro as many of these as I can, as well as running through the range of any Erratic Sentries I find. Kill five of these and then use the attuned crystal core in your bag to complete the quest Further Conversions. In this hilly area, you are also most likely to find the five Bloodberry bushes you need to complete Open for Business. They are little green patches of bush on the ground that sparkle, there are usually a couple clustered around tree roots. Further Conversions nets you 150 rep and you get 250 rep for Open for Business.

On your way back to the main courtyard, you should run past a few large, red, pulsating crystals. Right click on the four mana remnants in your bag to finish off the quest Arm the Wards!. This one nets you 150 rep.

Slightly south of the main area where you can pick up quests there’s a long bridge. On either side of this bridge are the next sets of mobs you need to kill. Drop over the Western side of this bridge and AoE your way through as many of the blood elves here as possible. The Marksmen carrying fiery bows, death knights have big swords (or are mounted) and summoners are in a dress with an imp. Try and AoE your way into the largest, main, open building, as it has a fair few summoners without imps inside. Stand right underneath the big red crystal the summoners are channeling to and pick off all those around you. Right click on your blue crystal again which knocks off the second location for Know Your Ley Lines.

Outside the buildings, knock off the last few summoners or whatever that you might need to complete  Crush the Dawnblade (250 rep) and then run right under the bridge to an area packed full of demons and a large green portal. If you simply run to the portal and AoE again, you should be able to pick off 4 – 6 of the necessary demons for The Battle Must Go On (250 rep). All the demons count, the sisters of pain, elemental looking ones and the general demoney type dudes. There should be one big green guy too, kill him, plant your banner and that will complete the quest. Walk right up to the portal, click the blue crystal for a final time and this will complete Know Your Ley Lines, which also gives 250 rep.

Finally, run to the harbour. There are two NPCs stood by two dragonhawks. The one on the right hand side has two options for you. The final two of the island based quests are easy to do, although may take practice. The easier of the two is Keeping the Enemy at Bay. “intercept the reinforcements” is the conversation you need to have with this NPC to be flown over the three boats. Use your flaming oil in your inventory to target each boat, one click in any area of the boat will usually work. If you do miss, don’t panic. You can swim over and just do the same thing, it doesn’t make any difference. Landing on the main boat and killing the reservists there will net you all 6 needed for completing the quest – 250 rep for this one.

Click on the hovering dragonhawk at the end of the boat for a quick lift back to the harbour. Accept the chance to “complete an air strike” and that will fly you over to the dead scar. You have a minute or so to prepapre for this one so make sure you have the arcane charges mapped to a hot key or somewhere easy to reach, and make sure you have smooth movement over your camera angles. It used to take me two passes to kill everything but it really is just practice. Target the usual green rune over different mobs. The Sorcerers are big red guys, the wrath enforcers slightly smaller red guys on the ground (can sometimes knock out two at once here), and the pit overlords and like mini versions of brutallus. Don’t bother hitting him. You do get a couple of passes over so it is doable, I usually concentrate on the sorcerors and pit lords first as the enforcers are easier to pick off as you fly away, if needs be.

Completing this last one will net you a final 150 rep.

Now, if you are, like me, essentially incredibly lazy, you will not want to traverse Outland every day into EVERY single zone (except Zangarmarsh) for a few quests. These 11 will, altogether, get you 2350 rep with SSO per day.

Starting at neutral, it will therefore take you a total of:

19 days

to reach exalted from neutral.

Now in my opinion that isn’t very long, and therefore trekking across Outland isn’t a necessity.

But, to be fair, here is a quick sum up of the other quests that you can do every day to increase your SSO rep.

Please note, you actually collect these quests from NPCs either on Quel’Danas or in Shattrah – a couple are nearby the flight points, and one is inside right by the portal. Remember to keep your quest tracker on!

Maintaing the Sunwell Portal – head to Blade’s Edge, right up top to Bashir’s Landing. Kill ethereals til a phase devise has dropped, and then use it to collect 10 mana cells.
In Hellfire there are two quests you can complete, Blast the Gateway (use the living embers in your inventory and then kill fel sparks – 8 will result in the embers becoming unstable and completing the quest), and Blood for Blood, weaken 4 felblood and then use the siphon in your inventory to finish them off.
Nagrand has one quest, The Multiphase Survey. Fly to Nagrand (the middle zone with the voidwalkers is good for this), equip the goggles and float around looking for red clouds of essence. You need to “record” 6 clouds to complete the quest.
Head to Netherstorm for Sunfury Attack Plans, any blood elf can drop these so as a levle 80 I would recommend just going to one of the manaforges and wiping a big group out at once.
Ata’mal Armaments (picked up from blacksmith on Quel’Danas), involves killing orcs in Shadowmoon Valley til they drop 5 armaments. Return to Quel’Danas once you have five and “use” them next to her anvil. This will cleanse them.
Rediscovering Your Roots comes from the lady that gives you Open For Business on Quel’Danas. Head to Razorthorn Rise in Terrokar (near with Hellfire borders with Shatt), kill flayers til a flayer gland drops, use the gland on a ravager which will then become a pet. Look for dirt mounds and use the pet ability “expose razorthorn root”. You need 5 of these.
Finally, for gatherers only, Gaining the Advantage asks you to herb/mine or skin until you collect 8 bits of Nether Residue.

Doing these quests as well as the 11 on the actual island nets you a complete total of 4450 rep per day.

This means that it would take a total of 10 days to go from neutral to exalted.

This is much quicker “days” wise, but much longer time wise.

Take your pick and I hope you enjoyed the guide!




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